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Monday, September 20, 2010

Taman Golf Residence Doubel Give Bonuses

Doubel bonus given to your prospective buyers housing units in Taman Golf Residence. Starting from the LCD TV, until Air Conditioner (AC) can be found in each type of house in the housing. Own bonus applies to the purchase of housing units during the property exhibition expo that was held at Harbour Bay Mall.

Erin said, as the Marketing PT Adhya Mitra Bangun Sarana, not only that but the prospective buyer will also get other privileges by buying housing units in Taman Golf Residence. Housing is located adjacent to the Riau Islands Mall will give you a different view of the housing, other housing in the city of Batam. The housing will be presenting a full view of the golf course will be a vast expanse of green grass.

"We really try to make something new. Maybe people will get bored with the view that dense city, but now we give more color choices. Not only that, even prospective buyers will also be a golf member who applies for life. There was also a gardens can be enjoyed by prospective buyers who will inhabit the house in this housing. And can also enjoy other facilities, ie, Club House, which we provide specialized in housing, "explained Erin.

To reward the LCD Television and AC itself, given to each prospective buyer with a different type of house. For prospective buyers a 109-type housing units in Taman Golf Residence will be given a free 32-inch LCD television, but for residential buyers will get two 99-type AC units.

Golf Garden Residence Housing itself has a strategic location to easily accessible from various directions. Moreover, its position adjacent to the Riau Islands Mall, according to Erin is a value to the housing.

While the price offered of this Housing vary depending typenya. Prices for 109-type housing units priced starting from 840 million to 987 million rupiah. While the type 99, dibandrol price of up to 908 million 720 million rupiah.

Payment transactions can be done in cash, cash installment, or mortgage. However, Erin added, for a cash purchase transaction phases, prospective buyers can pay by installments over 36 installments. Interested in owning a house with golf course view, go directly to the exhibition Property Expo Bay Harbour Mall.

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