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Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Important Things to Know Before Marriage

Before deciding to get married, you and your partner are encouraged to discuss all things together. This method aims to anticipate events that could shake the marriage relationship in the future.

Marriage is hard work. But on the other hand, marriage is also capable of making life into a lighter load. Therefore, you and your spouse have reached agreement on all problems that occur during courtship.

Marriage counselor, Varkha Chulani share experiences to solve all the problems before you say ready to get married, as quoted by the Times of India.


This is not only important to create a comfortable pair, but also to translate the values that you will both apply in the household. If you do not believe in religion one chooses, whether you feel comfortable with a partner who is very religious? If so, what about the baby's choice of religion? This becomes more important when the family intervened in the case of religious background.

Shopping habits

Got equation in terms of lifestyle and way too important to spend money discussed. Marry someone who is too stingy to spend money it's not a good idea. Imagine when you spend the holiday week in Bali, while the pair continues to pout.

So, discuss this matter. Ask many questions, like how to spend money later on, such as whether there will be eating out, holidays, and so forth.


Are you both choose to open a joint account or prefer to manage their money? What percentage of your income for household expenses? Find answers to these questions. Money, if not handled carefully, could lead to conflict. So, discuss this in detail could be a way out.


Does your spouse support your desire to develop a career, how far you encourage your husband's career?

Not all men can understand women who want to reach the peak of his career. Because of that, tell the couple how important for your career. Discuss this until each receives. Do not be a problem later.

Privacy Room

Every relationship has certain limits. How often do you tolerate the husband's habit? For example, together with his friends every week. Partner's behavior and habits can affect the relationship. If there is anything in particular you would expect from him, speak now. (source -Pet/VIVAnews)

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