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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Caught naked with WIL, WN Bangladesh fact Slap Boyfriend

SEI BEDUK, Batam: Upset mixed angry, raging in the minds of Yanti (not her real name). The reason, the boyfriend who Bangladeshi citizen was secretly smitten with another woman. Ironically, the man scandalous love triangle that represents workers at Tanjunguncang PT Dry Dock, the uncovered after being caught naked in a room with their mistresses. Weladalah!

Yanti, a woman 25 years is located at Sukajadi it, not only do not thank him fooled by the doi, but also because of the harsh treatment he received while engrossed bermesum caught them at the residence of the foreigners had the initials MH, namely the Housing Villa Panbil, District Seibeduk.

This was revealed as described Yanti, Thursday (11/11) around 03.00 am yesterday morning. Jakarta-born woman to the police at Barelang Police say that this is the culmination of which has been romantically dibinanya for 6 months running. Later, Jackie suspicious if MH had hooked another woman.

The day before being caught again indehoi with other women, Jackie suspicious because when he repeatedly contact via cell phone lover, it turns out there are endless answers.

In fact, the short message sent Yanti through Short Service Massage Service (SMS) was never returned by the MH. Yanti finally decided to go to MH in the house.

Arriving at the house, Mary had banged on the door, but no reply from inside the house. Because the door was locked, Yanti then ventured into the house. Then when the ride to the second floor into a habitable room MH, how shocked Yanti. Once the MH room door opened, it turns out her boyfriend was found naked with a woman on the bed.
Surprised by the appearance of Yanti, MH not play angry, and rushed to attack his guest on the night of the dawn. Yanti in the presence of the police admitted that his body was driven MH to fall down the stairs. When beaten MH, Jackie himself was trying to find out, who is women who accompany the MH sleep in her room. But his efforts in vain, because MH blocking and even slapped repeatedly Yanti.

As a result of rough treatment MH, Jackie suffered bruises on the arms, face, and neck. Tail, Jackie did continue the matter to the police. Meanwhile, MH accused of persecuting Yanti, that morning at around 9:30 pm, also briefly looks at the police station Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Baloi it. MH had apologized knelt in front of Yanti's lap was interrupted complained to the police, but Yanti who was accompanied by a woman, unwilling to forgive MH and even keen to continue the case penganiaayan he made it.

A few moments later, before leaving Mapolresta, MH who was accompanied by a man, reportedly intends to report back about Yanti. The reason, he also feels that Bangladesh suffered ill-treatment by her boyfriend's. Until this story is typed, the case is still under investigation unit Barelang Criminal Police. (Source / you / Posmetro)

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