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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Telkomsel Batam degree Watching Movies Together Megamind

Morning yesterday (21/11/2010) Cinema 21 Nagoya Hill is open early. Since at 08.00 am, the cinema is already crowded with visitors who come to watch movies for free Megamind. Meraka are customers in Batam Telkomsel subscribers who get free movie tickets.

Most of them were children who had been invited by the parents to watch an animated film about a villain who has no opponent to stop the crimes. He is Megamind.

According to branch manager of Telkomsel Batam Hendra Kusuma, these activities as an appreciation for Telkomsel's customers in Batam. Therefore, it was deliberately playing the movie can be watched for all circles, so on this holiday they can enjoy the entertainment.

"This offering from Telkomsel khusu sebegai customers in Batam. We have to spread some free movie tickets to the lucky. I hope they can enjoy it," he said when met Tribune before screening begins.

To accommodate its customers, Telkomsel and Nagoya Hill Cinema 21 provides two theaters with 20-minute film showing at odds. In every cinema, half of the seats are filled by the customer.

"Kan cartoon movie, so I invited the kids to watch once the holidays with them," said one parent who brought her three children.

Megamind (Will Ferrell), brilliant and smartest villains ever. Over the years, he tried to conquer the city of Metro in any way. Every effort is always foiled by the invincible super hero known as Metro Man (Brad Pitt), until one day Megamind successfully kill him.

Life Megamind empty. A villain without a hero savior. He realizes that his life's ambition is to reach the worst thing that ever happened to him

The only way to exit the void is creating a new hero named "Titan", bigger, better and stronger than Metro Man. Apparently Titan feels a lot more fun to be a villain than a hero. Titans do not just want to conquer the world, but want to destroy it.

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