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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow .. Golf In Door Present at Nagoya Hill

Good news for lovers of sports Golf Batam. Now, has come Golf Centre In door-named 'recklessgolf' second floor Nagoya Hill. The sport of golf can you play in a room without having to fear the rain nor heat will make the skin turns black.

"We've come a few days ago. Here we provide 3 room as a golf course that is Eagles'den VIP, hit-and-hop, and area fire and forget with a different facility," said Nino Cafe Manager recklessgolf. Yesterday (8 / 11).

According to Nino, recklessgolf has been using computerized technology with sensors and features as well as a complete menu including the use of pictures and graphic illustrations, inform users about what facilities should be improved and done during the nipple.

This system also provides guidance and information with statistical data that can help to compare and expose the parts that need to be repaired or upgraded while playing golf.

He explained, for Eagles'den Vip room more spacious and equipped with 3 screens, can be closed. Using the Albatross system, meaning that can be installed for amateur players, beginner, amateur and other pros.

"This room is able to play 6 people, with a choice of golf courses as much as 30 kinds, and we will forward the contents of 59 world famous golf course. If the room was hit and hop 1 screen, open. Meanwhile, fire and forget the same room with a hit-and-hop difference is closed or private room, "Obviously.

He added, Playing Golf in this room the same as the original field. The difference, Golf in door player does not walk or stand in place of the room.
"For 95 percent akurasinnya very real to the original when we play outside or the original field, we do not heat the room, the rain," said Nino again.

According to him, In addition to golf exercise, this place is also suitable for all circles both executives and professionals and families in playing or practicing golf, Up, right also to conduct meetings or lobbying business or just a casual meeting.

"Here there is also a cafe with a variety of foods and beverages. So, families who came with their children can play or wait at Cafe while enjoying food and drinks here," he said.

For those of you who are interested in sports Golff In this door can enjoy it with the price varied, ranging from Rp 400ribu up to USD 700 thousand per hour.

"Here can also be used as Driving range, Race, 18-hole game with a varied choice of golf courses from many countries, by utilizing advanced technology for golf facilities, 3D Swing Analysis Clinic and Putting her. We also serve Back in park attendance , "The lid.

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