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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Idul Fitri

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unique and interesting variety of Bonsai

Bonsai an ornamental plant that is made from various types of plants, this plant actually is a common plant, except in bonsai so that these plants can not grow larger and consequently the plant is a small and looks attractive, although a small bonsai plant has a firm texture and shape as large plants in general.

Of image search results digoogle, discovered how unique bonsai drawings some of which are shaped, monkey, dragon, dragons, crocodiles. Bonsai was once exhibited at the Batam Centre last year. For those of you who like to care for bonsai plants, maybe the picture below can be your inspiration to be more creative in the development of bonsai.

Indomobil Batam Share with Orphan

Indomobil Suzuki as the biggest main dealers in Batam, on Saturday (20 / 8) and then held a joint iftar with all employees, relatives and motorcycle clubs such as under the built Suzuki Satria and Thunder. In addition Indomobil also provide benefits to 35 orphans from the orphanage Light Madani Aji Stone Kitchen 12.

Erwin Sale Head Indomobil Batam explains, the event aims to establish Hospitality fellow employees Indomobil Batam, Suzuki dealers and their working relationships as lising and others.
"This event is already on the agenda we routinely every year, this way we can grow closer and exchanging ideas to face the competition at a time when the business will come," Erwin said on the sidelines waiting for iftar at Showroom Indomobil.

Before breaking the fast, the show is filled tausiyah religion presented by Ustad Ahmad Zamzuri. After sunset comes, the children are prioritized to eat the dish open, followed by guests and employees.

Dipenutup event marketing manager Rudy Indomobil R2 convey, Suzuki held a massive reward programs throughout August. "We have prepared pure 24 carat gold. There is also a subsidy of up to Rp1.750 thousand, HP Dezzo, Galaxy Mini Samsung and many more," he explained.

Sales of Suzuki motorcycles are becoming more and more thought, the current market demand much focused on the Satria and Thunder.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kampoeng Ramadan, Panorama Regency Hotel " Open Fasting in Hotel With Atmosphere Village "

During Ramadan, the Panorama Regency Hotel, Batam, offers a village atmosphere of breaking the fast with a variety of snacks (tadzil), food and beverage archipelago.

Places named Kampoeng breaking Ramadan will last a whole month, during Ramadan. "This is the first year we held kampoeng Ramadan," said Food and Beverage Manager, Denny Gandana accompanied by the director of Panorama Regency Hotel, told us Sunday (7 / 8) yesterday.

According to Denny in every cottage is provided several types of dishes and snacks that can be taken and visitors chosen according to the menu he loves. Not only food, tables and benches are provided also in designs such shops and stalls lesehan suburb in the villages.

"Every day we provide 35 to 40 break their menu. The menu was also changed every day," said Denny again. Before breaking the fast, Ramadan kampoeng which have the halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), it also gives spiritual spray before sunset arrived.

"In addition Kultum (lecture seven minutes), we also have the music of tambourines. Our target this year, Ramadan Kampoeng be visited by eight thousand people," said Denny. Head of the Riau Islands Tourism and Culture, Guntur Sakti, said Kampoeng Ramadan, very unique.

"The design is really home. The food is also all tastes nothing western archipelago," said Thunder. Former Kadis Batam City Tourism and Culture said, he always came Kampoeng Ramadan each year.

"My family and if iftar outside must come here (Kampoeng Ramadan)," he said, smiling. Issue price you do not need to worry. only with Rp79.999 thousand nett per person for adults and Rp 50 thousand nett for children, you can enjoy various menus break to your taste.

Besides being able to enjoy the archipelago you can also take pictures with the family in Kampoeng Ramadan Edelweiss room floor, the Panorama Regency Hotel is uniquely designed and described the rural feel.

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