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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrate the 9th Anniversary "Duo Penelope Shake The Peak Pub"

Owner of The Peak Pub and Vista Hotel Blow Candles

Excitement and joy radiated from The Peak Pub on Thursday (15 / 9) last night. Visitors to The Peak Pub operating in the Vista Hotel was comforted by the presence of the artist Penelope Duo capital.

The presence of artists under the auspices of the flag of the leadership of Prince Love Charly ST 12 is of course welcomed by the clubers The Peak and the invited guests.

"We present a new look with a lot of fun, because we already nine years old. At this celebration we also have prepared a variety of gifts for visitors," said Norman, Manager of The Peak on the sidelines of busy greeting guests.

Duo Penelope Performance at The Peak Pub Vista Hotel Batam

Birthday night was entitled Show Biz With Duo Penelope, before the appearance of this capital of two artists, guests were entertained by the appearance of the band from Jakarta is D Theater Bands and DJ Amroy, who are able to make the atmosphere more alive and vibrant.

While Penelope Duo began performing at 23:00 pm. The second appearance of this artist is very quirky and sexy to make the jump up and down clubers night fused with pounding music he played.

Not only the two virgin who entertain the visitors of The Peak during the night, but also by the presence of Ilham Vocalist Nine Ball, successfully
make the visitors rocking.

After-hour show at 00.00 pm, the birthday cake is finally driven by waitres. Before the candle is blown, the clubers with the spirit to sing happy birthday and accompanied by music that brought DJ Amroy. "We hope that The Peak Pub longevity, and of course we always think of the guest is king at The Peak," said Norman. "

DJ Amroy Performance at The Peak Pub Vista Hotel Batam

After cutting the birthday cake, then it was over the appearance of Penelope Duo clubers entertain the present at The Peak Pub. The sidelines of a break after a gig, Love said, "I am delighted to be to Batam today, because I was also born and raised in Batam". In appearance the night before we brought the ten songs, and songs are the mainstay of our current song snail poison. I hope The Peak increases continue to age, "lid Love.

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