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Monday, November 29, 2010

Model rape Batam (ABG) Artist Arrested FFI, Robby Shine Got To Pull Hand and Persuade CO Come to Room

Secretary Parfi Kepri, Yelfian, expressed shock and devastated by what happened to CO (13). He did not think, the artist who accompanied it to the model did not commendable that accompany it.

As a moral responsibility, Yelfian claimed to have asked directly to the victims and the parents CO.. From the recognition of CO and parents, it is known story that when Robbie arrived at the Hotel Amir, the actor suddenly pulled his hand CO.. As he got out of the car shuttle pantia, Robby to CO states have something to diomongkan at the hotel. Because the solicitation was Robby and CO into the hotel and a car that drove him straight away.

"So from the recognition of CO, he pulled his hand. The word one wants Robby diomongkan later. That is why CO would follow him. And, yes it is," said Yelfian to Tribunnewsbatam, Sunday (11/28/2010) night, without explaining details point.

Yelfian states, when it was in the car only Robby, friend Robby, CO, and the driver. The plan, after delivering Robby, cars deliver CO directly to the Hotel Vista, where the model was staying.

Asked why in the car only three of them a ride, Yelfian admitted at that time there were two cars that pick up artist troupe from Noname Cafe at Harmoni Hotel. But because one car was full, then the CO participate in the car the other party.

He, himself, together with about four separate models and a number of artists in the other car. He did not think early on Saturday was also a horrendous event occurred.

"We joined shock. Then we submit the case to law enforcement. All of it beyond our expectations," he said.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"FFI 2010 in Batam" Meet and Great Artists Simultaneously the Six Mall

Indonesian Film Festival this time will be held in Batam, not just limited to the event just reading nomination but plenty of other activities that will be a series to enliven the FFI 2010. One of them is entertaining the people of Batam to meet and carry out great artists Capital in six malls in Batam.

About 70 more artists will come to Batam and met with fans at the event. Fans of this conference will be held on November 27th at Bay Harbour Mall, Nagoya Hill, BCS, Mega Mall Batam Centre, Riau Islands Mall, and the Top 100 Tembesi.

"On Saturday the 27th of November, the troupe Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Committee on FFI and a number of artists will arrive in Batam. Arriving at Hang Nadim airport this group is awaited 30 jeeps, 15 big motor, and 15 vespa antique and car procession patwal and other, "explained Head of Batam City Tourism and Culture, Guntur Sakti, Monday (22/11) yesterday.

In one jeep car will be driven by two artists, a tourism ambassador, and one member PARFI Batam.

From the airport, the group artists will be brought to the Bay Harbour Mall. Arriving at Bay Harbour Mall, approximately ten artists will be left and the rest will be spread across five other malls to meet and great event held simultaneously.

Gunter said that in addition to film artists, KFFI parties are working for to bring the soap opera actress and singer to add flare activity meet the artist.

"As we know together, these film artists are not all known to the public when compared with soap opera actress or singer.'s Why we also have requested that the committee in Jakarta to seek the presence of the artist's patron and performers to enliven the event of this meet and great," beber Thunder .

He said that the event was also supported by the sixth mall earlier. Besides setting up the stage and sound system and other supporting facilities, the mall also has prepared materials before the artist's entertainment arrived on the scene.

"We know that Indonesia's aviation can not be ascertained because the delay and all that stuff. So if to be late coming artists, people who had arrived at the mall still be entertained by activities that have been prepared each mall," said Gunter.

In addition, several tours and travel also includes a series of FFI, 2010 was as an agenda for tourist trip to Batam. It is expected that in addition to entertaining the people of Batam but also can get more visitors from outside the region and abroad.

"To prepare the films nomination Batam a very different concept of watching with my artist. That is no longer using the projector as the display step, but we prepare advanced technology with a screen of 6x12 meters and standard Dolby Digital sound system. They also created a variety of other entertainment , similar to the night market, "said Gunter.

The event will be held at barengnya watch Regata Excellent Batam Centre. And all the people of Batam are invited attend the entire series of FFI 2010. And all for free Batam City Government is dedicated to entertaining people.

5 Important Things to Know Before Marriage

Before deciding to get married, you and your partner are encouraged to discuss all things together. This method aims to anticipate events that could shake the marriage relationship in the future.

Marriage is hard work. But on the other hand, marriage is also capable of making life into a lighter load. Therefore, you and your spouse have reached agreement on all problems that occur during courtship.

Marriage counselor, Varkha Chulani share experiences to solve all the problems before you say ready to get married, as quoted by the Times of India.


This is not only important to create a comfortable pair, but also to translate the values that you will both apply in the household. If you do not believe in religion one chooses, whether you feel comfortable with a partner who is very religious? If so, what about the baby's choice of religion? This becomes more important when the family intervened in the case of religious background.

Shopping habits

Got equation in terms of lifestyle and way too important to spend money discussed. Marry someone who is too stingy to spend money it's not a good idea. Imagine when you spend the holiday week in Bali, while the pair continues to pout.

So, discuss this matter. Ask many questions, like how to spend money later on, such as whether there will be eating out, holidays, and so forth.


Are you both choose to open a joint account or prefer to manage their money? What percentage of your income for household expenses? Find answers to these questions. Money, if not handled carefully, could lead to conflict. So, discuss this in detail could be a way out.


Does your spouse support your desire to develop a career, how far you encourage your husband's career?

Not all men can understand women who want to reach the peak of his career. Because of that, tell the couple how important for your career. Discuss this until each receives. Do not be a problem later.

Privacy Room

Every relationship has certain limits. How often do you tolerate the husband's habit? For example, together with his friends every week. Partner's behavior and habits can affect the relationship. If there is anything in particular you would expect from him, speak now. (source -Pet/VIVAnews)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Telkomsel Batam degree Watching Movies Together Megamind

Morning yesterday (21/11/2010) Cinema 21 Nagoya Hill is open early. Since at 08.00 am, the cinema is already crowded with visitors who come to watch movies for free Megamind. Meraka are customers in Batam Telkomsel subscribers who get free movie tickets.

Most of them were children who had been invited by the parents to watch an animated film about a villain who has no opponent to stop the crimes. He is Megamind.

According to branch manager of Telkomsel Batam Hendra Kusuma, these activities as an appreciation for Telkomsel's customers in Batam. Therefore, it was deliberately playing the movie can be watched for all circles, so on this holiday they can enjoy the entertainment.

"This offering from Telkomsel khusu sebegai customers in Batam. We have to spread some free movie tickets to the lucky. I hope they can enjoy it," he said when met Tribune before screening begins.

To accommodate its customers, Telkomsel and Nagoya Hill Cinema 21 provides two theaters with 20-minute film showing at odds. In every cinema, half of the seats are filled by the customer.

"Kan cartoon movie, so I invited the kids to watch once the holidays with them," said one parent who brought her three children.

Megamind (Will Ferrell), brilliant and smartest villains ever. Over the years, he tried to conquer the city of Metro in any way. Every effort is always foiled by the invincible super hero known as Metro Man (Brad Pitt), until one day Megamind successfully kill him.

Life Megamind empty. A villain without a hero savior. He realizes that his life's ambition is to reach the worst thing that ever happened to him

The only way to exit the void is creating a new hero named "Titan", bigger, better and stronger than Metro Man. Apparently Titan feels a lot more fun to be a villain than a hero. Titans do not just want to conquer the world, but want to destroy it.

There is writing "Welcome to Batam" in the Mount Clare Batam Centre

Soon the icon of Batam will grow in line with the project implementation arrangement of the Mount Clare Batam Centre by making a large inscription reads "Welcome to Batam". The writing is on top of the hill is very large Klara once with a size of about 5 meters.

We have had three letters that stand there. The workers of PT Hadi Lester looked still busy painting the inscription attached to the concrete terebut before penyanggahnya. If there are no constraints, some writing ahead of time that will stand strong and clearly visible to every visitor from abroad in particular. The paper was facing north or to the international port of Batam Centre.

"This is part of the arrangement of the Mount Clare. Previously, this barren hill. Because it is necessary in order including the installation of posts Walcome to Batam with a large size. It will be one of the new icon of Batam. If people often remember writing that is located in Hollywood top of the hill, we, too, "said Hendri Yusfa, PR Pemko Batam when contacted on Sunday (21/11).

The value of this project amounted to USD 472.4 million and has been planned since mid-2009. Yusfa explained, making it big writing is also part of the government agenda to introduce Batam, including parts to support the visit Batam.

New stand alone three letters has now become a concern to many people, especially for riders who want to Hajj Batam Centre. From there, the direction this paper will be obvious. As long as there are no tall buildings that block them, then the post could actually be a new icon.

Excited .. There Video Mesum Similar Ariel and Aura Kasih on the Internet

Video nasty series of similar artists back in the scroll, like Ariel's allegedly obscene videos and Aura Kasih that many in waiting said to have been circulating on the intenet although that version of the hoax.

As it was reported that the video scandal like this Ariel sebayak 32 fruit and most adults who do scenes with actors also like Indonesian artist, mentioned there after luna dance and cut the issue of video nasty aura that will immediately get circulated.

In the photo looks capture video haircut sex love Ariel and Aura hoax version, with a female star-like aura of love. The woman was seen sleeping on your back on a white bed sheet. The intimate parts of women were censored. Figure only shows the upper body of the woman, because there can not vidonya dianalia not like a video ariel and dance cut yesterday that many people do an analysis

Various comments on Twitter continues to insist on mentioning that video with the star-like aura of love already in circulation. In fact, they send photographs to strengthen links. The issue of video nasty ariel and this aura is so many are looking and wondering, if we look at youtube with the keyword ariel Perno videos on youtube and the aura of love then we will only find a video clip of the beautiful artist from bandung

other than on Youtube many twitter users who provide a link from file sharing like ziddu, rapidshare and 4share, and various other provider sites, but after check video porn version of ariel and aura that turned out to be hoaxes, because it was false because the link when downloaded, the content instead of five songs are taken randomly.

But some people insist claim to have video ariel and aura of love. Rumor video 9 minutes duration. Some say that the duration of videos longer than 18 minutes previously circulated.

Believe it or not, this video kemuncualn whether there is a connection with Ariel session to be held on Monday (22/11/2010).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PT Capella degree convoy Akbar 1000 Honda Revo

In order to commemorate Heroes Day, PT. Capella Dynamics of the archipelago, as the main dealer for Honda motorcycles in the Islands Region, will hold an event''Convoy Akbar Revo 1000, Sunday (14/11) future.

The event with the theme''One Blood, One Nation, One Language, One Love''in accordance with the slogan of One Heart Honda aims to arouse people's hearts Batam in order to provide relief donations to victims of natural disasters in Wasior, Mentawai, and trim through the wallet care available. In addition, the event Akbar 1000 Honda Revo is also specially dedicated to all consumers Honda Revo, both users type Honda or Honda Revo 100 Revo 110 Absolut.

"We hope that events like this moment could be followed up by the user Honda Revo, our mission is to further strengthen the sense of brotherhood and a sense of nationalism among the people of Batam, especially for users who become participants Honda Revo 1000 Revo convoy Akbar" said Syaiful as Section Communications and Public Relations at the event.

Honda Revo For users who wish to participate in this event simply register to the Honda dealers in Batam, which is at the dealership Capella Bengkong, SKS Nagoya, Aviari MKP-Batu Aji, Capella Tembesi Yellow Front, HMC Batam Centre, Senturi Tiban and the dealer Avatar Ali Baba Batam Centre. Requirements for registration is very easy ie: Fill out the registration form which can be found at Honda dealers, attach a photo copy of a valid SIM C and attach a photo copy of vehicle registration Honda Revo (name in vehicle registration not be the same as the name of the registrant) and participants should use the standard helmet Honda Revo and must use standard equipment one complete using the rearview mirror. Registration is free.

Not only free, for each participant convoy, Honda freely give T-Shirt One Heart themed nationalism, free fuel and free consumption. Foreign normally again, Honda held a lucky draw with prizes grand prize of 1 Unit Honda Revo plus prize Absolute Washing Machine 1 Unit, 2 Unit TV 21 'and Dozens of fans, water cooler, magic com and iron. While merchandise prizes in the form of Honda's gloves, hats Honda, Honda Umbrellas and Rain Jackets Honda will be distributed to the participants who took part in games and quizzes, quizzes on the location of the finish on the TOP 100 Tembesi.

Revo 1000 Convoy Akbar who finish in the park Home Mall TOP 100 Tembesi will be divided into 4 starting point is, at the dealership SKS Nagoya, the dealer Senturi in Tiban, the dealer Capella Yellow Front and at Graha Pena Batam Centre.

In a special collaboration with Honda Mall TOP 100 Tembesi will present a national band "Juliette" is famous for his hits "I'm Not Afraid". This event is in collaboration with Dirlantas Polda Riau Islands and is supported by the Batam Pos in an effort to disseminate safety riding for motorcyclists.

Honda Revo For users who are interested and want to know more clearly about this event can contact Rick at 0878-7705-9050 or Ari Budi at 0812-777-9905 or at 0856-6655-702. "The deadline for registration is November 10, 2010, an opportunity like this is very rare at all, imagine a convoy of adherents users Revo can get a free T-Shirt for free, get fuel for free, get free consumption and the opportunity to follow the lucky draw to get 1 unit Absolute Honda Revo , 1 unit Washing Machine, 2 Unit TV 21 'and Dozens of other electronic gifts, this form of offerings we commemorate Memorial Day with the spirit of One Blood, One Nation, One Language, One Love One Heart in line with Honda's "clear Syaiful.

Caught naked with WIL, WN Bangladesh fact Slap Boyfriend

SEI BEDUK, Batam: Upset mixed angry, raging in the minds of Yanti (not her real name). The reason, the boyfriend who Bangladeshi citizen was secretly smitten with another woman. Ironically, the man scandalous love triangle that represents workers at Tanjunguncang PT Dry Dock, the uncovered after being caught naked in a room with their mistresses. Weladalah!

Yanti, a woman 25 years is located at Sukajadi it, not only do not thank him fooled by the doi, but also because of the harsh treatment he received while engrossed bermesum caught them at the residence of the foreigners had the initials MH, namely the Housing Villa Panbil, District Seibeduk.

This was revealed as described Yanti, Thursday (11/11) around 03.00 am yesterday morning. Jakarta-born woman to the police at Barelang Police say that this is the culmination of which has been romantically dibinanya for 6 months running. Later, Jackie suspicious if MH had hooked another woman.

The day before being caught again indehoi with other women, Jackie suspicious because when he repeatedly contact via cell phone lover, it turns out there are endless answers.

In fact, the short message sent Yanti through Short Service Massage Service (SMS) was never returned by the MH. Yanti finally decided to go to MH in the house.

Arriving at the house, Mary had banged on the door, but no reply from inside the house. Because the door was locked, Yanti then ventured into the house. Then when the ride to the second floor into a habitable room MH, how shocked Yanti. Once the MH room door opened, it turns out her boyfriend was found naked with a woman on the bed.
Surprised by the appearance of Yanti, MH not play angry, and rushed to attack his guest on the night of the dawn. Yanti in the presence of the police admitted that his body was driven MH to fall down the stairs. When beaten MH, Jackie himself was trying to find out, who is women who accompany the MH sleep in her room. But his efforts in vain, because MH blocking and even slapped repeatedly Yanti.

As a result of rough treatment MH, Jackie suffered bruises on the arms, face, and neck. Tail, Jackie did continue the matter to the police. Meanwhile, MH accused of persecuting Yanti, that morning at around 9:30 pm, also briefly looks at the police station Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Baloi it. MH had apologized knelt in front of Yanti's lap was interrupted complained to the police, but Yanti who was accompanied by a woman, unwilling to forgive MH and even keen to continue the case penganiaayan he made it.

A few moments later, before leaving Mapolresta, MH who was accompanied by a man, reportedly intends to report back about Yanti. The reason, he also feels that Bangladesh suffered ill-treatment by her boyfriend's. Until this story is typed, the case is still under investigation unit Barelang Criminal Police. (Source / you / Posmetro)

Fate Prostitute (WTS) Wild Seantero Batam, "There's no Lucky Today, Tomorrow Try Again"

Reveals the wild places of prostitution in Batam at night, we'll find a number of paradoxes which we never imagined possible before. Behind the appearance of a glamorous and as if far from suffering, the world of prostitution, especially sex workers, turned out to save a million suffering. Throughout Wednesday night yesterday, the search POSMETRO in some places of prostitution, both wild and are considered official, to report on the reader, how many things beyond the estimates mostly the general public. Things that may be evocative, that we also share responsibility why they exist.

WTS and place of prostitution should be able to survive to keep produce dollars. Place perfunctory and arguably a bit shabby, the age-old sex worker up to his face and body is not attractive anymore, making prostitution illegal petty as Principal areas Jengkol, Batuaji, has begun to quiet the customer. As can be seen on Wednesday (10/11) morning, dozens of prostitutes with facial cold, without passion man occasionally greet visitors whose numbers could be counted on the fingers. Illustrates that so hard competition in the world of prostitution. There localization quiet and there are crowded in the same time. Which means, there will be prostitutes who will not eat because the customer can not, and there are still able to survive.

At around ten stalls and small shops on the edge of the dim road to Port Sagulung, the number of prostitutes are selling themselves no more than 15 women. In some shops, there seemed no man who stopped. Surrender to the state faces, emanating from the face of a number of women being hung night. A cigarette does not seem stuck in their fingers. No man who came to bring cigarettes to be asked. "Well, if no luck tonight, tomorrow try again. Who knows tomorrow to great fortune, "said a medium-bodied WTS, blue shirt and dark jeans who introduced himself named Evi.

Evi is one of the many prostitutes in the localization of Goods Jengkol are restless because the oppressed competitive world of prostitution in Batam that were increasingly tight and fierce. Wednesday night, he claimed, worked since the maghrib till dawn, not one man "wear it". However, the need for life and that makes people kind keterbatasannyalah Evi survive. Limitations in the ability to find another job, the limitations of body and face are just mediocre, and the severity of competition between prostitutes and the prostitution, remains a reason to stay in every night-night on Main street Jengkol. ''Want a good job as a factory, age is not sufficient anymore. The factory wants a young looking,''said Evi again.

Stone's throw from Main Jengkol, things look differently at the center of Social Rehabilitation Pandan Bay or language bekennya Localisation Sintai. On the official site of the WTS, the conditions spelled out much better. From Main Jengkol POSMETRO across the street intersections are also quiet Basecamp sex workers. Until the middle of last year, at the intersection is still easily found the transvestites who peddle themselves.

Localisation Hill Beralik to smile, there is little pulse of life in the localization of which is located in Batuampar it. From a distance, the localization of Hill's smile seemed to indicate that he was still able to compete with other lokasisasi in Batam. Bustling back and forth male pleasure seeker, can still be seen in Hill's smile. Most of the prostitutes who was much younger and dressed far more interesting than Basic Jengkol WTS.

In terms of places, Smiling Hill is not much different from the Principal Jengkol. The rooms lust transactions made from plywood barriers and board size is 1x2 feet, continued in the region connecting the rocky soil gravels minimal lighting. Wooden chairs under the trees like in the localization of Goods Jengkol also numerous in Hill's smile. Proximity to the nightlife center of Batam and the number of prostitutes who hung a localization is the goal many men philanderer.

From Hill's smile, the area behind the office for Morning Bakery, love match, also a reflection of the severity of competition for survival in the world esek-esek. In this place, prostitutes whose quality is not much different from the WTS Hill Smile and Principal Jengkol that, it looks as though racing each other to attract customers. WTS is hung on the outskirts of this shop looks a little more fortunate fate than on Main WTS Jengkol. Still quite a lot of prostitutes have customers here. "Every night there was," I seoang WTS had just finished serving customers at the end of a shop, a room-sealed bulkhead and rented out to prostitutes to serve her guest. In fact, the matter of tariffs in almost all wild localization is the same. Between 50 to 70 thousand single transaction in a short time.

The fate of "less fortunate" is also experienced in the area of Bukit Samyong WTS. A number of prostitutes in this area rejekinya no different from prostitutes in the Main Jengkol. "Now very few people here already," said Esih, prostitutes who hang out with a friend in a minibar that is no longer deserve the name behind the minibar Samyong.Selain region since been forgotten, Esih with other prostitutes and minibarnya still must compete with a minibar displaying dozens to tens of WTS berparas pretty and fashionable-looking young sera. The spacious with twinkling lights and loud music make it interesting WTS minibar contains dozens of men to spend money with drinking and sex in that place. Moreover, tariffs equal to those offered by other prostitutes who hang out in the region.

Localisation Hill Smile, Principal Jengkol, Samyong Hill, as well as in local streets localization Morning Bakery, is a picture of prostitution petty racing each other to stay alive amid glitter of world-class prostitution snapper in Batam that offers first class service. But, for lower and middle circles of society still exist, even this petty prostitution will continue to color the world of night life in Batam. "Yes, if women like us are not there, banana workers that want to find cheap women where?" Said Evi end the conversation with POSMETRO and headed home. (Source: les / posmetro)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wow .. Golf In Door Present at Nagoya Hill

Good news for lovers of sports Golf Batam. Now, has come Golf Centre In door-named 'recklessgolf' second floor Nagoya Hill. The sport of golf can you play in a room without having to fear the rain nor heat will make the skin turns black.

"We've come a few days ago. Here we provide 3 room as a golf course that is Eagles'den VIP, hit-and-hop, and area fire and forget with a different facility," said Nino Cafe Manager recklessgolf. Yesterday (8 / 11).

According to Nino, recklessgolf has been using computerized technology with sensors and features as well as a complete menu including the use of pictures and graphic illustrations, inform users about what facilities should be improved and done during the nipple.

This system also provides guidance and information with statistical data that can help to compare and expose the parts that need to be repaired or upgraded while playing golf.

He explained, for Eagles'den Vip room more spacious and equipped with 3 screens, can be closed. Using the Albatross system, meaning that can be installed for amateur players, beginner, amateur and other pros.

"This room is able to play 6 people, with a choice of golf courses as much as 30 kinds, and we will forward the contents of 59 world famous golf course. If the room was hit and hop 1 screen, open. Meanwhile, fire and forget the same room with a hit-and-hop difference is closed or private room, "Obviously.

He added, Playing Golf in this room the same as the original field. The difference, Golf in door player does not walk or stand in place of the room.
"For 95 percent akurasinnya very real to the original when we play outside or the original field, we do not heat the room, the rain," said Nino again.

According to him, In addition to golf exercise, this place is also suitable for all circles both executives and professionals and families in playing or practicing golf, Up, right also to conduct meetings or lobbying business or just a casual meeting.

"Here there is also a cafe with a variety of foods and beverages. So, families who came with their children can play or wait at Cafe while enjoying food and drinks here," he said.

For those of you who are interested in sports Golff In this door can enjoy it with the price varied, ranging from Rp 400ribu up to USD 700 thousand per hour.

"Here can also be used as Driving range, Race, 18-hole game with a varied choice of golf courses from many countries, by utilizing advanced technology for golf facilities, 3D Swing Analysis Clinic and Putting her. We also serve Back in park attendance , "The lid.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Atmosphere evacuation Qantas Passenger Plane at Singapore Changi Airport

Qantas Airways 380 plane emergency landing at Changi Airport, Singapore for one mesinya fire. Once landed as many as 433 passengers were evacuated immediately, Thursday (4 /11).

The Qantas passengers were evacuated. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

They were then taken by bus. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

The plane aims Sydney, Australia was carrying 433 passengers and 26 crew. All passengers survived. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

The atmosphere during the process evakusi Qantas passengers. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

Qantas Airways 380 landing at Changi Airport, Singapore for one mesinya fire. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

A number of splinter Qantas plane that fell in 13 places in Batam. Reuters / Stringer.

Police carry one flake Qantas plane that crashed in Batam. Reuters / Stringer.

Fire engines, aircraft Qantas airlines emergency landing

Airbus superjumbo A380 Qantas-owned airline made an emergency landing in Singapore. The aircraft emergency landing because one of the machines in its left wing on fire. A number of aircraft debris also fell in the area of Batam.

One engine on the left wing of the plane on fire. AFP / Roslan Rahman.

We landed a number of fire trucks on standby. They spray the liquid directly into the multilevel plane. AFP / Roslan Rahman.

The plane aims Sydney, Australia was carrying 433 passengers and 26 crew. No injuries in the incident. AFP / Roslan Rahman.

Firefighters spray water into the burning aircraft engines. Reuters / Vivek Prakash.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 Houses in Batam Center Damaged Flakes taxable override Qantas plane that crashed in batam

Batam - Hang Nadim Airport Manager, Batam, collect data from fragments of type Airbus A380 Qantas flight that crashed in the area of Batam. 4 Houses were damaged by debris hit the aircraft.

4 The house was located in the residential area of Castle Gold, Batam Center. At the airport review site, known to the walls of houses that are located nearby, which was damaged.

"The possibility that first flake fell and did not hit the roof of the house but the reflection of debris that hit the walls of the house and broken-down," said publicist Hang Nadim Airport, Hendarman, Thursday (04/10/2010).

According to him, the fourth house was not all the walls collapsed. There are also crack due to engine aircraft debris. Luckily there were no casualties from the incident.

According to Hendarman, several pieces of aircraft engines in the area of Batam Center has collected police. Debris was collected in the police station and police Batam Center Batam. Later all the pieces will be taken to Batam tenuous Mapolresta Galang (Barelang). These pieces vary in size, some small and some are about the size of the car door.

Documenting the areas affected by debris was still done. "We also hope that residents who feel a victim of these fragments can be reported to the police or to the airport," he continued.

A number of splinter Qantas plane crashed in the area of Batam, Riau Islands (Riau Islands). Certainly the pieces the plane was coming from the bodywork. Because, when the aircraft emergency landing at Changi Airport, Singapore, body peeling and burning machine.

This Qantas plane emergency landing safely at Changi Airport around 11:45 pm Singapore time. This aircraft was circling in the air Batam in smoky conditions. In fact, some residents in Batam heard an explosion from the plane was flying rather low. Allegedly the blast originated from aircraft engines which then knocked out the machine body and auto parts.

It has a London-Sydney route by transporting 443 passengers and 16 crew. After flying from London, the superjumbo is then transit at Changi Airport, Singapore. After take off from Changi and headed for Sydney, the plane experienced engine trouble while on Batam. No injuries were reported in this Qantas accident.

Flakes are also about building planes and cars in the area of Batam Center Avanza. In addition, the giant plane fragments are also on the roof of the Eden Park Elementary School 007 Batam Center, even a student and teacher were wounded.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buy Houses Pesona Boulevard Batam Centre Bed room Prizes

Promo buy a house directly Bed Room Set with prizes offered by PT Graha Total Insani (TGI) as the housing developer Cluster Pesona Boulevard Batam Centre, for 48 types who live a few more units.

Renny Marketing Cluster Pesona Boulevard explain gifts Bed room set is a modern minimalist design, with foreign export quality. One Bed room set consists of bed 1.6 meters, 2-door cabinet and nightstand.

"His unit was limited, only 7 units again. There is also the home ready stock," said Renny in his exhibition in the Kepri Mall, Tuesday (19/10).

Developers are also currently being offered Town House type 108 with promo gift directly one Bed room set consisting of bed plus mattress spring bed 1.8 meters, Fridge 3 doors, dressing table and bedside table.

What's interesting about this housing is, concepts and facilities provided by housing developers who embrace the concept of tropical gardens along 200 meters. The materials used are high quality material. To paint the walls, the developer using the Jotun brand that has been known for durable and lasting in any konsidisi.

In addition to giving a gift that is quite interesting, Developer also provides an easy way more flexible.

"In addition to mortgages with a down payment to pay installments of 12 times. It could also dengang hard cash and cash discounts of 10 percent gradually by 5 percent discount," He said.

"Marine Batam Expo" So the city of Batam in Indonesia's Largest Shipyard

Marine Batam Expo (MBE) showed Batam as the city's largest shipyard capacity to defeat Surabaya. Having as many as 200 industries in these fields, Surabaya, Batam managed to shift position in terms of technology although it is still quite similar.

In his opening, the first international expo event in Batam was also attended by a number of Muspida Batam, on Tuesday (10/19/2010)

It is said by the Deputy Mayor in the opening Ria Saptarika MBE, this activity is expected to become a benchmark for other industries too similar to be able to look in the mirror, what the advantages and disadvantages that knew the business and technology competition. Later that competition could trigger a new synergy among employers, whether the future will open up cooperation to complement each other.

"Judging from the BPS data, the economy of developing Batam one contribution that is derived from the industrial world. Through these activities the public can give more attention to business," he said.

Meanwhile, on the other occasions as Kadisperindag Hijaji Ahmad who participated in the event, said the MBE is not only opened up opportunities in the corporate world, but also the world of tourism. The visits of the exhibitors who come from foreign circles was considered as one of the pullers in the world of tourism in Batam. Hijaji hope that events like this can keep going and growing every year.

Minister of Industry Mohamad Hidayat who was represented by R. Hamdani as the Secretary of Directorate General of Industry also mentioned the national shipbuilding industry has been growing and developing well. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of the domestic shipping industry still has a high dependence on imported components.

Therefore, to catch the perpetrator himself invites every industry, ranging from society, employers, and government favor and love towards the use of domestic production.

Telecommunications Operators Offer Assorted Cheap Modem

The event titled ICT Expo 2010 held in the East Atrium Mega Mall Batam Centre, followed by telecommunication providers such as Telkom, Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL Axiata. On the activities of Information and Communications Technology exhibition, each promo-providers compete to provide the special promo for the sake of attracting visitors.

One of them is offering a promotional purchase Telkomsel single modem unit Telkomsel Flash is going to get a free one unit of the same modem card plus two prime Telkomsel Flash unlimited package.

"This is one form of our participation in order to enliven the event SingTel ICT Expo 2010. Promo that we offer is buy one get one free. So every purchase of a modem Telkomsel Flash, customers will get an additional modem for free. Plus card prime Telkomsel Flash Unlimited . And this promo is only valid at the location during the ICT Expo Expo is held, "a representative of SingTel, Sony Darmawan, when the opening ceremony of the ICT Expo, Tuesday (10/19/2010).

While providers Indosat entered into the contest during expo events take place. The contest is named Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC). According to representatives of Indosat, Alfredo, this contest is the fifth time the event was held Indosat with a gift of hundreds of million rupiah. The contest is intended for the community of programmers who have innovation in programming applications.

This year is the third year convening of the ICT Expo, and themes raised in the exhibition this year is Towards the Information Society of Indonesia. The event will last for six days, Tuesday-Sunday (19-24/10/2010). The exhibition was officially opened by Vice-Mayor of Batam, Ria Saptarika.

Yamaha Motor Exhibition in Kepri Mall

Starring Yamaha motorcycle dealers held by Alfa Scorpio II in the Kepri Mall offers a lot of promo. Start the motor unit purchase prizes DVD to watch,

Yamaha authorized dealer is offering prizes for every consumer who bought a Yamaha motorcycle marketed. The direct prize, a DVD Player and Casio watches plus Free 1 time pieces and pieces DP installments.

"Direct Prize DVD Player and Casio watches specifically for the purchase of Jupiter and Vega ZR motors only. And the promo is valid until October 31 only," Obviously Fanny Marketing Alpha Scorpio II diatrium Kepri Mall. Yesterday (19/10).

He said to get the Yamaha quite easy with a very simple requirement. Can be purchased with cash or credit. For motor vehicle credit application is very easy, Simply by Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK). Meanwhile, if there is lack of requirements or other data can be followed.

He further said in the exhibition it has been providing a variety of Yamaha brand motorcycles. Like, Vega R, ZRD, Jupiter Z, CW, Jupiter MX, CW Mio, Mio Soul and others, which can be seen directly by any consumers who are interested in the Kepri Mall.

ICT Expo 2010 to introduce e-Readyness Robotic

This year is the third year convening of the ICT Expo, and themes raised in the exhibition this year is Towards the Information Society of Indonesia. The event will last for six days, Tuesday-Sunday (19-24/10/2010). The exhibition was officially opened by Vice-Mayor of Batam, Ria Saptarika.

Ria mention in his speech coincided with the first time digelarnya ICT Expo two years ago, the government also launched Batam Digital Island. The goal is to civilize the people of Batam as a user of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

"And the ICT Expo is expected to be used as a barometer of achievement program Batam Digital Island from time to time. One is already visible accomplishments of the program the electronic auction or e-procurement. In the first year of launch of this electronic auction, has conducted the auction with a value of Rp 120 billion with an efficiency of 30 percent, "he said exemplifies.

Going forward, Ria continued, the government will create a forum for the public to submit entries to the government.

"In the future people will be assigned a specific channel to provide feedback to the Government of Batam. Can be via the Internet or SMS, because SMS is acknowledged to be more familiar to everyone over the internet services," called the Prosperous Justice Party politician.

Ria said that in Batam lifestyle community is open to information and technology.

"In Batam that his lifestyle was IT minded. Batam is the most populous internet users as of Sumatra, and one of the busiest in Indonesia. So if developed more, we can achieve better Batam Digital Island again in the future," he said.

But, according to Ria, this can be achieved if society were more ready again to the changes and development of internet technology.

"E-readiness readyness or someone to turn into IT literacy is also very important. And every product that was launched also be socialized to people with more incentive. So the information society as we seek can be realized," hope Batam Mayor candidate 2011 - 2016 which will be paired with Zainal Abidin at the upcoming General Election of January 2011.

Ria According to estimates, the number of technology-literate society Batam is quite good with a percentage more than 60 percent of the total population. But that includes active users of information and communication technology is only about 30 percent.

In addition followed by telecommunication providers, the exhibition was also attended by the Government of Batam with its e-Government and Commercial Agency (BP) Batam. Then a few schools and colleges that have a program application of technology in its curriculum. As with Batam Polytechnic, school Permata Harapan, and Robotics Education Centre.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Also Serving Batavia Flight Natuna-Pekanbaru

In addition to opening Tanjungpinang-Jakarta route, Batavia Air also opens the route to Natuna and Pekanbaru from Tanjungpinang. According Ditrik Manager Roni Batavia Air Imanda the Tribune, his side from the beginning had planned to open the route to Natuna and Pekanbaru.

He said the route from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang_ Ranai-Tanjungpinang and return to Jakarta, is set to 4 times a week and track the Jakarta-Tanjungpinang_pekanbaru-Tanjungpinang and kembaku to Jakarta planned 3 times a week. "To point to Pekanbaru and Rannai we are still waiting, the possibility of new November we conducted," said Roni.

With the plan to open lines of Batavia water Natuna and Pekanbaru, Tanjungpinang citizens no longer need to Batam for the Natuna and Pekanbaru. because the latter Riau Ariline serving these routes are no longer in operation.

Members of the DPRD Riau Islands, Rudi Chua admitted welcomed by the aviation Tanjungpinang Batavia-Jakarta. He said during this society burdened with a limited flight schedule, because so far the only routes served by Sriwijaya Air.

"Besides the public can choose the flight schedule, also can be cheaper because of price competition," said Rudi.

Batavia Open Flight Path Tanjungpinang - Jakarta

District Manager Batavia Air Tanjungpinang, Imanda Roni

PT Metro Batavia (Batavia Air) open flight path routes from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang. This is a good news for residents Tanjungpinang, because the price of tickets from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang will be more competitive or cheaper.

Tanjungpinang ordinary citizens who will travel to Jakarta to Batam, because a lot of ticket prices above Rp 600 thousand. But Batavia will sell tickets cheaply at Rp 377,000.

"For the first month we will sell the ticket price promotions," said District Manager of Batavia Air, Imanda Roni, Sunday (17/10).

According to Roni side will fly from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang every bukul 7:40 and Tanjungpinang-Jakarta at 9:40 pm. Inaugural flight will be conducted on Wednesday (20/10) future.

Housing Exhibition Winner Group Kepri Mall

Apartemen Nagoya Mansion

One of the largest developer in Batam namely Winner Group exhibition propertynya with studded prize. The exhibition that was held diatrium Kepri Mall Batam also offers various facilities, and gifts of furniture and other electronic products.

As for the various prizes that can be taken home by each buyer properties marketed PT Winner Group, among others, namely, various furniture and electronic products, like, Laptop, TV, DVD Player, AC, Spring bad, sofa, wardrobe, dining table.

"This promotion applies to purchases of all housing that we offer and are valid throughout this month alone. So, immediately bought a house here and select the prize," said Alex Winner Group Manager of Public Communication, Yesterday (17/10).

Alex said, besides that it also will provide for free as an extra bonus and easiness for each prospective customer, with a free certificate, BPHTB, AJB.

"This exhibition really sprinkled with lots of prizes. There are also 10 million cash back, free 3 units of air conditioning, Free Plasma TV 32 Inc. And if consumers buy cash gradually cicil can pay 24 times or for one year up to 36 times cicil without interest, "he explained.

He explained that the promo is valid for the purchase of property that is marketed Housing Modena, City Garden, Holliwood Hill, Plaza and Market Buana, Sky Garden, Nagoya Mansion, Seraya Mas, Tiban City Square.

In addition, developers also put a lease for 1 year warranty for consumers.

"And there are prizes Grand Prize of a Toyota Avanza. So for those of you who are interested in everything and for immediate details please visit our exhibition diatrium Kepri Mall," said an end.

Studying Art While Drinking Coffee at Cafe Coffe Toffe

Express yourself instantly while berkopi ria. Only in your Toffe Coffe cafe visitors are given the opportunity to instantly display your self-expression in art.

A small stage will be provided for you at the cafe located in the Riau Islands Mall this, ranging from poetry readings, sing, dance or other artistic attractions can you show.

Not only that, taking the classic concept of the cafe, Coffe Toffe will also provide reading books for visitors. The design of the cafe styled really like the form of cafes began, the paintings directly to welcome you, plus jazz and classical music.

It is said by Camelia as Business Owner of this cafe, he wants the Coffe Toffe bring vision in the field of art education. Artists from Malang even this long to say this cafe is known only as a place tongkrongan usual, so he tried to make a fresh new look at the cafe Coffe Toffe.

Until later visitors are not just drinking coffee while relaxing, but also can be while learning the art.

"Feel that I want to highlight is the arts. During this time young children are now more familiar with the band or modeling, but the literary world was even more decreased. My hope with the cafe is, can bring back a young writer of letters-particularly in Batam.

Later, we will provide a small stage for visitors who want to perform, and we can coordinate it well if there are special appearances of clusters such young writers who may be joined from here, "said Camelia.

To the menu calls the mainstay Coffe Toffe own more varied than any other cafe. For example, for blended coffee alone consists of many flavors, such as almonds give me, chocolacino, latte, espresso and more. Even for an espresso is also still there are some other variants. Then adapula blended tea with a variety of flavors ranging from strawberry, blueberry, and others.

In addition, during this opening, Coffe Toffe give promo 10 percent discount until the end of October. Added by Camelia, minimum Rp.20 thousand special purchase, the buyer will receive periodic discount card accepted 4 times within two weeks.

Card has a discount basis, where the first use of the discount in the can by 10 percent, then the use of both worth 15 percent, and the third by 20 percent, and the final fourth valued at 25 percent.

For those of you who are interested, visit the cafe soon Coffe Toffe nuanced art, only on the second floor near the door of the three Kepri Mall.

Houses Type Bali House Starts Wanted

PT Nusatama Properta Panbil who developed a new type of house Bali House began ogled by people of Batam. Prospective buyers from Batam executives interested in this house because it is able to bring home bernuasa nature, quiet and environmentally friendly.

"We express our thanks to those who have been interested in the house that we developed. Starting from Mahogany and Matoa type houses, now house types Bali House also ogled. With the advantage of building and wider area of land, the buyer is very interested in the form of home bernuasa Bali, as well as also a swimming pool that can be built according to the prospective purchaser wishes, "said Yaodeanto Handjaya as the Deputy Director Marketing & GA PT Nusatama Properta Panbil, Sunday (17/10).

Added Deanto, since the house was introduced to society a new type of Bali House, curiosity prospective buyers are always there every day, and to answer it, the developer will show examples of areas and forms of existing homes. "We will serve home buyers who want to see for example, there are even houses that have been occupied by prospective buyers," said Deanto again.

As the name implies Bali House, the design of this dwelling was drafted in accordance with typical Balinese house. Bali a unique concept not only of building form, ornaments and furniture are also presented, such as statues that decorate the front and rear gardens typical of the island of Gods.

Among the Bali House luxury homes and exclusive it is the type of Ubud. Is a two-storey house which has a building area of 592 square meters and a land area of 700 meters to 1,600 square meters. With this broad land, directly type Ubud available and built private pool, the size of 5 meters by 10 meters.

House Type Ubud Bali has Ubud bedroom house type is very widespread, so did the living room, dining room and family room. The kitchen and bedrooms for servants are also luxurious and classy. "All the concepts we present are also integrated with nature," said Deanto again.

In addition to housing type Ubud, Bali House Villa Panbil also offers a type of Kuta, two-storey house with a building area of 206 square meters and a land area of 270 meters to 500 square meters.

House Type Sanur Bali with a building area of 280 square meters and a land area of 600 to 1,000 square feet. Type of Sanur is a one-story house is very spacious. Options other types Jimbaran type with two-storey building, with an area of 390 meterpersegi and has a land area 600 square meters

To have a home type of Bali is still Deanto, developers Panbil Villa offers two ways to pay, ie hard cash and gradual repayments directly to the developer. More information please contact our marketing executives on 0778 5122217, 0778 7290616, 0778 7287932

Cluster Wahana Mas Residence Offer Gift Jump

Choose own immediate reward on every purchase of housing units Cluster Wahana Mas Residence. Starting from sofa sets, 32 inch LCD television, air conditioner units (ac) 3 / 4 pk, blackberry gemini, to free the land rights certificates and the deed of sale.

Promo instant prize is valid from 14 October until next month. Using the concept of occupancy, the cluster located in the area of Batam Centre has an extensive park facilities and also around the housing.

Varah said, as marketing executive of PT Indo Utama Mandiri, far more people are buying houses for investment, but rather the cluster was built for occupancy is not just an investment.

So, as much as possible the concept of home is made more forward the socialist aspects. For example, with a garden that can be exploited residents to socialize, and also the rule to not allow use the fence so that the life of more established neighbors.

"Wahana Mas Residence Cluster was built for occupancy, so it is not just for investment. During this exhibition we give a direct gift promo. To purchase the type of housing unit 45, prospective buyers can choose a prize of a sofa set or a 32 inch LCD television. For the purchase of housing units type 45, direct gifts to choose from namely ac 3 / 4 pk or blackberries gemini series. As for the free land rights certificates and the deed of sale and bought it applies on every purchase of any type of housing units, "said Varah.

In addition to park facilities are extensive and exclusive, you prospective buyers can get a full 24 hours security facility. For the price offered calls are still very affordable, for the price of 45 types ranging from Rp.195 million to Rp.203 million. Type 38 itself, priced starting at Rp.170 million to Rp.208 million. Payment transactions can be done in three ways, ie, hard cash, cash installment, as well as home loan.

Interestingly again, added her every hard cash transactions and cash payments gradually, prospective buyers can still get a discount on the selling price of housing units. For prospective buyers who carry out hard cash transaction, is entitled to a discount of 20 percent of the sales price. As for prospective buyers who make payment in cash transactions gradually, given a discount of 15 percent of the sale price in installments as much as 18 times. For those of you who are interested visit the exhibition stand immediately Cluster Wahana Mas Residence on the 1st floor Kepri Mall. Or contact 0778-7055588/0778-7055599.

Recommend Batam BRI ATM Cash Transfer

Taking advantage of Credit Deposit Machine, now you can deposit your money effectively and efficiently without having to wait for long queues.

Your customers of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) can enjoy a new service cash deposit transaction. Taking advantage of Credit Deposit Machine, now you can deposit your money effectively and efficiently without having to wait for long queues.

Cash deposit machine which has been operating for about a week, a new branch office is on the main BRI Nagoya, located in the gallery atm BRI.

Eddy Iskandar said Yacob as the assistant operations manager BRI Batam, with a cash deposit machine is the people of Batam are taught to move from manual to automatic. That way it would be easier, both in terms of service to customers and a reduction in long queues that allows to create a crowded office. Moreover, even this service was expected to offset the busy citizens of Batam that mobility is high enough.

"Just one week of operation, and new exist only in our main branch office in Nagoya. Our hope with the procurement of CDM is able to assist cash deposit transaction customers, so if you want to show my Rp.200 Rp.100 thousand or a thousand or whatever is no longer queue long with other banking transactions. The important condition, the customer must have a BRI card, as a condition for doing transactions, "said Eddy.

According to him, even if the new count, but the people themselves would welcome the CDM is very good and positive. This, expressed visible from reduced slightly the number of queues at the BRI per day. If before, BRI served from a queue number 750 to 1000 per day, now that number is reduced little by little. Added by him, whether there will be other CDM in other BRI branch offices, is seen returning from the needs of the community. For as is well known tendency to pull the community is more cash than the cash deposit.

Until now, BRI itself has about 25 atm machines in Batam Branch of 8 atm machine that recorded in 2009. BRI itself has had some atm networks of cooperation, namely prime, atm together, cirrus, maestro, and links.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kepri Mall Carrefour officially Open

After a delay of up to four times, finally in the Kepri Mall Carrefour hypermarket will be opened to the public and the Riau Islands of Batam in particular, on Friday (15/10) morning. Riau Islands Governor Sani HM planned and the President Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia Shafie Shamsuddin will attend and officiate.

"The launch of the second Carrefour outlets in Batam and to 84 in Indonesia, attended by President Direktu us directly, who will accompany the Governor of Riau Islands HM Sani. Beginning with the inauguration Kepri Mall, then after an hour then around 10:00 am, the people of Batam and the guests can shop. Of course, various promos we give to pamper customers who come on the first day, "said Satria Hamid, Public Affairs Manager of PT Carrefour Indonesia, in a joint dinner at the Swiss In Hotel, Batam, on Thursday (14/10/2010).

Explained Satria Hamid, Carrefour's presence in the Riau Islands Mall will certainly differ from the first outlet in Harbourbay Mall. In addition occupies an area of 6577 square meters, and about 5011 square meters of shopping area and kormersil them, Carrefour will sell nearly 26 thousand items of products. Ranging from dry food products, wet, electronics, household goods and clothing. All these products are organized as possible so that visitors merasak comfortable while shopping.

"Nearly 26 thousand products are offered with options such promo, the price is cheaper than national brand prices. Promo we call fuel (Really Cheap). For fuel promo is valid for 25 types of products, and 12 products such as beef, soy sauce sweet, rice Pandan Wangi, Setra Ramos rice, drinking water, cooking oil, beef sausage fried, processed chicken, cotton beauty, and detergent powder. The rest, are products of vegetables, meat and fresh fish and fruits, "said Satria Hamid.

To fuel its own products presented in the Riau Islands Mall also guaranteed competitive price. Because, management has been working with 344 local suppliers or entrepreneurs Batam, which will provide a product cheaper prices nearly 90 percent of the item being marketed. "Fuel is not a monthly program, but a permanent program presented by Carrefour in Indonesia," said Satria Hamid again.

Added Hamid, Carrefour Indonesia has also launched a "One Nusa One Nation". Where these programs offer the product price laptop / notebook Toshiba only Rp 2.899 million for students in Riau Islands, as well as Rp 2.999 million for the non-student.

"This promotion is supported from the Events Calendar and priority to students and students who need improved Laptops / Notenbook. In fact, this package is also supported by Telkom as a provider of internet services, facilities Kompas news sites, and also has licensed the device from Microsoff. All sold at a price far cheaper, in the Compare outside Batam. Because, outside of Batam, this promo price of approximately Rp 3.199.0000 for students and Rp 3.299 million for the non-student, "said Satria Hamid again.

Hamid was also invited, for students and college students want to have this device can also be obtained by way of BCA Bank loans with interest 0 percent.

"In addition, it also includes programs that proclaimed CSR management PT Carrefour Indonesia is relatively under our leadership Shafie as President Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia," said Hamid

As for the composition of the labor hired to reach 81 percent of the 428 perkerja derived from the Riau Islands.

There's Bazar LG Products in the Kepri Mall

Kulkas Side By Side GR-B217LGJ

In the Kepri Mall Grand Opening TODAY (15/10) LG Batam cheap bazaar held for some electronic products.

LG product Bazar themed 'Heroes Exhibition @ Kepri Mall', offering a special price for its product. One of the only namely, Side By Side Refrigerator GR-B217LGJ with cheap special prices, only Rp 10,990,000. This price is cheaper than normal price of regular priced Rp 12.1 Million.

Refrigerator is big enough capacity above 100Liter. This refrigerator has Multi Air flow (cooling directly from behind), Soft touch home bar, Tall ice and water dispenser, equipped with LCD controller. This product also features, flower pattern (Art Flower White), Green LED, Ice beam door cooling, Bio shield. With 2 Drawer Refrigerator components. Freezer Components: -2 drawer, and others.

"Every purchase of a refrigerator side by side kind. Consumers will get a bonus LG refrigerator minibar. All of the promo is valid throughout the October 2010 purchase of LG in the Kepri Mall in the exhibition," said Janes LG Promotions Manager Batam. Yesterday (14/10).

LG Bazar who took his official dealer for the Central Raya Batam Centre Point is also lowering the price of LCD TV products LG LH her 70's to only Rp 9.5 million from its normal price of Rp 12.1 million perunit priced. Interestingly, every consumer who buys these LCD products. Thus, consumers will get a bonus LG Home Theater. Please note, these LCD TVs are full HD, with the contras ratio is very high.

Another promo, for consumers who purchase LG 32 Inch LCD, LG Batam offers the bonus of a DVD LG. In addition, LCD prices are cheaper priced only Rp 3.2 million per unit. Prices are cheaper than normal price sold for Rp 3.35 million higher. This LCD is equipped with the Bluetooth feature, and so forth.

Completing, your shopping along October 2010. LG Batam also give special price for LCD 26 inch, sold for only Rp 2.45 million only. This price is down from its normal price of Rp 2.8 million.
"So, those who are interested in all of them soon visit the bazaar LG in Kepri Mall," he said.

Wow ... Various Products Carreffour Lower Prices

King largest retailer Carrefour in Indonesia that is now officially present in the Riau Islands Mall, Batam. In Soft Opening its famous shopping center is to provide cheap special prices for some products.

Items such as fruit, mango sweet scent down the price of Rp 2.069 per 100 grams to only Rp 1.090 per 100 gram. Fruit kelengkeng bangkok down the price of Rp 2.778 to Rp 1.690 per 100 gram. Cavendish banana prices fell to less than Rp 1.490 to only Rp 1.290 per 100 gram.

So is the shrimp down the price of the previous jerbung Dibandrol Rp 4.990 to Rp 3.990 per 100 gram. Do not miss Broiler chicken meat products fell from Rp 28.900 to only Rp 22.900 per tail.

Kepri Carrefour Mall also is currently offering promotional Redeem Saver with a minimum expenditure of Rp 50 thousand could redeem the cooking oil is cheaper Sania Rp 14.900 per 2 liter. For those customers per day promo only entitled to a maximum of 3 pounch shopping.

For those of you who are interested in all these promos, please visit the Carrefour Mall Batam Riau Islands. Get a cheap special promo other.

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