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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tips For Motorcycle Engine Condition Always Prima

Own motorcycle or vehicle is excellent desires of each person. But the bustle and a solid routine, often makes the motor untreated. The mechanism and sequence of how machines work starts from the key motor ignited, the explosion of fuel in the piston and the exit of smoke from the exhaust. When the engine is no longer loud. There are some things that could predict. For example the weakening piston ring, spark plugs are dirty, the valves are loose, the carburetor is clogged with dirt or even oil has not been replaced.

According Ajun, one of the senior mechanic everything must be checked one by one if the engine is ngadat. Of replacement parts or spare parts are not always done. All tailored to the needs and the existing cost. If I could 'diakalin' will not have to be replaced.

But if it was just done badly damaged in a total overhaul. He suggested that the overhaul techniques there are several types: dismantle the machine right side, left side overhaul and overhaul them (overhole).

As for tune ups (regular maintenance) that must be done is checking the oil, carburetor, air filters, oil filters, brake canvas, wind pressure, electrical systems, water storage battery, spark plugs, gas cables, speedometer cables and other spare part mild nature.

As for replacement spare part will be conducted in accordance with the type of damage, such as replacement of brake canvass, Bolam lamps, oil, spark plugs, tires and inner tubes out, pistons, piston rings, ignition coil (ignition coil), handlebar piston, piston handlebar pads, pump oil, reparkit carburetor, the switch and the various components of other machines.

If the type of two-stroke motor, then the next oil change should be pampered, means oil can not be late when the engine starts. Engine oil in the bath oil (karter) can be more durable and can last up to two months, is because the oil lubricates the movement of the side was working pistons, rings and accompanying components during combustion in the engine.

While working as an engine oil lubricant inside the engine. So the heat from the burning of oil was reduced by side. Another case with four-stroke engines, if within one thousand five hundred meters are not replaced then the oil was already bad, so its density can not reduce the heat due to combustion.

If the oil has over time, then the resistance was weakening, waning consistency and durability for the engine began to decrease engine components such as pistons, piston rings, valves and others expand.

Should be for four-stroke engine, oil changes done at least once a month minimum (1500 km).

If we want lasting motor, not often ngadat and early morning light it is not hard to month may be held re-checking (tune up) for capacity, reliability and mechanical condition can always be prime.

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