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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tips For Always beautiful, Interest In and Out

Are you quite satisfied with his own body? If not satisfied, follow the advice of Margo Maine, Ph.D. following:
  1. Your body is God's great, start to appreciate it.
  2. Make a list that includes the things that your body can do. Read and add on the list.
  3. Be aware of what your body can do each day. Remember that the body is the instrument of life, not just decoration
  4. Make a list of people you admire: people who donate a lot of positive things in your life, in society and in the world. See if their physical appearance was important in supporting the success and accomplishments.
  5. Walk with your head raised, supported self-confidence.
  6. Do not let your weight or hinder your posture enjoy preferred activities.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes, likes and feels good in the body.
  8. Calculate the blessings you receive, rather than misfortunes.
  9. Think of other things that can be achieved with time and energy spent worrying about weight and appearance.
  10. Be a friend and supporter, not an enemy to his own body.
  11. Think that regenerate your skin every month, every five days the stomach, liver every 6 weeks and bones every three months.
  12. Every waking up in the morning do not forget to thank the rest for the body so the body feels fresh.
  13. Every night when going to bed do not forget to tell your body how precious body, which helps carry out everyday tasks.
  14. 14. Discover methods of exercise that you enjoy and do regularly. But do not exercise to lose weight or against the body itself. Do sports for health and body strength, because it makes you comfortable.
  15. Remember back when you feel comfortable with your body. Tell yourself you can feel like that again, even at a young age that no longer.
  16. Make a list of 10 positive things about myself without mentioning physical appearance.
  17. Create text and paste in the mirror: I look good from inside and outside.
  18. Look for good things in the world and yourself.
  19. Start saying to myself: life is too short to spend hating their own bodies.
  20. Eat when hungry and rest when tired. Find your friends can be reminiscent of the outer and inner beauty that is in you.

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