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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuan Villa, New Icon 2010 Kek Pisang Villa

Kek Pisang Villa Batam, By-by specific Batam city was again made a breakthrough in 2010 by launching a new icon that is Tuan Villa. The goal of course to further confirm their existence as by the typical Batam, it is seen from Batam though not the banana-producing areas, but could be a banana kek souvenirs typical of popular Batam. "Batam is an island that is very strategic because it is located in the international shipping lane. So no wonder the island of Batam be one of the local tourist destination and tourists are quite popular abroad than the island of Bali. From this basic idea and then try to shoot us, and praise it so far we've managed to "Reveal Delyandri Denny, manager of Kek Pisang Villa.

Kek Pisang make a unique icon by the Batam, it is not an easy job. In addition to not producing bananas Batam, even more so as the owner Delyandi Denny is not a native-born Batam. But with hard work, and high commitment to quality and marketing, based cookies are the major banana, the admiration of many people including tourists. "Grandpa is it legit banana sweet and its texture is similar to but more dense cake. Delicious banana mixture to make delicious sensation on the tongue so that the mouth can not stop chewing "says Nisa, a buyer when answering batamevent.com between between the 'Son of Batam Gemilang 2009' on the DC Mall for the week (10/01).

Kek pisang over time many modifications have added butter, cheese topping, or chocolate spread. Now there are about 12 variants of banana grandfather sold with a sense of original, strawberry, cheese, chocolate fla, blueberry, mocha, etc.. Until now kek pisang be one by-the typical Batam island. For a small box of bananas valued kek USD 35,000.00 and for the package of gifts to fill a small box of 4 for Rp 140,000.00. As for big box valued USD 280,000.00 - with the contents of the box 8 kek pisang Villa.

With five outlets scattered across Batam, as in Nagoya, Windsor, Batam Center, Batu Aji and Hang Nadim International Airport, kek banana Villa, already covers 70 percent of Batam. Of the five outlets is kek pisang Villa recorded a total growth of 20 percent in 2009, compared with 2008 last year. "Thank God, we have given a better image for the year 2009 and through various promotion and support of various events are held either by government or by private sector and in supporting the Visit Batam 2010" Denny said he had just 2 ratings memenangakan held marketer award by one national magazine.

This year as well, Denny Delyandri added, Kek Pisang Villa, launched a new icon that is TuanVilla, where the icon will be used to support the penetration of products to a broader segment, "Every event is followed by Kek Pisang Villa, Tuan Villa will memeriahkannya by present to give a new joy, especially for the kids segment "said Denny ended.

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