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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eating with the atmosphere of the Sea in De Light House Restaurant

Since the first, enjoy a dinner dish with panoramic sea, an option for some communities in Batam. Moreover, a number of places to eat such an atmosphere it offers to remember the location of Batam is surrounded by sea.

Now one more house dining with panoramic ocean namely De Light House Restaurant in the area megawisata Ocaria Batam Centre, Batam, Riau Islands, officially opened.

In addition to having excellent seaside location, the restaurant also provides special menus menus both local and western menu cooked by professional chef.

"We present a different atmosphere than other restaurants in Batam. You could feel yourself how nice dinner here. We can look to the direction of the central government or the atmosphere to Batam Centre Batam View," said Dedi, Marketing De Light House to the Tribune when the soft opening on Thursday (26/08/2010)

During this Ramadan, too, continued Dedi, it menuyediakan special menu for both individual and joint iftar packets. Interestingly, each dish menu will be presented to the desk of each visitor.

"But for a group of only the main menu are presented directly to the table,''Dedi light.

For each package, the price offered only USD 75 thousand only and visitors will also get cash back USD $ 5000.

Concerning the capacity of the restaurant, Dedi's calling 100 numbers of people so that De Light House Restaurant could be an alternative for the management of private meetings, prawedding, birthdays, and other activities.

"The room we can accommodate 20 to 30 people for such activities. However, overall, can accommodate hundreds more seats," said Dedi again.

The plan grand opening this restaurant will be held on October 2 next. This restaurant will also serve the special guests who stayed at Batam View by sea taxi facilities are ready to drop off and pick up delegates.

"With the presence of this restaurant, we hope to provide its own tourist attraction from the guests Batam View later,''said Dedi.

De Light House Restaurant
Ocarina Megawisata Batam Centre
Hp. 08117001815

Batam Levi's Outlet 50% Discount Rate

Welcoming the re-openingnya on Saturday (28 / 8), the famous Levi's clothing store located in Mega Mall Batam Centre offers attractive promotions such as discounts up to 50 percent.

According to Peter, Area Manager for Levi's Batam, promo discounts are valid until 10 September. A number of products offered at discount prices including jeans man who would sell 30 percent discount for selected items. Then there is also a 50 percent discount for products and superior women jeans men and women.

"Tomorrow, Saturday (28 / 8), we will officially move into the new store. It's still on the Ground Floor Mega Mall is also but more towards the inside. And during the re-opening that we give the promo interesting for lovers of the brand Levi's,'' Peter said, Thursday (26 / 8) when found in the old shop, located next to the East entrance Mega Mall Batam Center.

This store is moving locations to expand the store so that they can develop more freely design his shop.

"Stores that it's small. If the new store will space them larger. So that we could design more freely. Shop new will be designed with international standards. So the design was the same with stores Levi's in the whole world," he said.

He said that with the new store design which will, hopefully visitors will feel more comfortable when shopping. And with more space in the arrangements expected to more adequately display their products.

In addition, said Peter, re-opening the store is also used to introduce the latest product Levi's 502 jeans.

"The product we are always updating. For these 502 campaigns, each purchase will be given shopping vouchers for 20 percent. So can directly be used to purchase its second item," said Peter. (Source TRIBUNNEWS)

Discount party in Telkomsel Ramadhan Fair

Society in general and the Riau Islands of Batam in particular, can now be styled with a cheap new phone. Because, Telkomsel held a "standbyTelkomsel Ramadhan Fair 2010", namely the bazaar of products with great discounts at Nagoya Hill, Batam, Riau Islands.

This activity is a combination of events and the latest service updates the special pricing of products and services. With the theme "Spread Kindness Achieves Victory", the exhibition will run for four consecutive days, ie 26 to 29 August 2010. In this program, the public can obtain products with discounts ranging from 20 to 45 percent for mobile phone and modem products.

Bundling of products on offer include Nokia, Nexian, TiPhone, Iphone, Dezzo, GT Mobile, and BlackBerry. As for the price of phones that offer ranging from Rp 299 thousand and for the modem start from Rp 388 thousands.

"Event this time will give a different feel from previous activities. Customers will not only get the special price of various product bundling of existing, but more than that, customers will receive education regarding the various services Telkomsel standby," said General Manager of Telkomsel area of Central Sumatra , GH Widodo, Wednesday (25 / 8). Similar activities were also conducted in Pekanbaru, Padang and Bukittinggi, West Sumatra.

There's more. Every purchase during Ramadan Fair, will be given a raffle coupon to fight various doorprice. Prizes will be drawn every day at the end of the show. Various kinds of gift that will be provided are modem Flash, HP Qwerty T28, 32-inch LCD television, DVD player, as well as various other prizes.

"With this special event, Batam communities who want to use a new cell phone during Lebaran can be realized. The price we offer is very special because it already discounted up to 45 percent," added Sumali, Sales Manager New Brand Telkomsel.

In addition to the Nagoya Hill, the public can also visit booths Batam Telkomsel in Big Bazar Ramadan, Panbil Mall, Mukakuning, Batam, with the same discount.

On August 28 to 29, Telkomsel will also provide the opportunity for customers who want to do good by setting aside funds aejumlah and wear appropriate clothing in the exhibition venue. All the donations will be distributed to orphanages in need.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AM3 Club Member Discount 60 Percent

You ever feel the comfort of playing and exercising at the Club House Anggrek Mas 3 Batam Centre, will want to return the pleasure. It turned out to enjoy the services of the current club house is not expensive, especially for students in high school or equivalent and college students, 60 percent discount applies.

"From today until September 2010, there was a special promo, ie up to 60 percent discount for students high school or equivalent and college students. This discount applies to those wanting to become a member our Club House. Simply show the card when the student or student registration, "said Poni Herawati, Club House Manager AM3.

Mas Orchid Club House is one of three prestigious project developer PT Putera Karyasindo Prakarsa (PKP). In the club house area is 1500 square meters, was built two swimming pools (one adult and one child). Built with the concept of service equivalent to 4 star hotels
complete the housing project which is also for sale.

In the club house there are facilities, such as a swimming pool, cafe, fitness center, aerobics room entertainment center and sauna. In addition was made to complement the resident occupant comfort, hause club was also opened to the public who wishes to use the facilities.

Swimming pools are made with a depth of two sizes for children and adults, convenient for those who want to swim to unwind or just leaning on the edge of the pond. While the function facilities hall or meeting room, located on the second floor, and can be used for meetings, weddings, birthday parties or other events. "Companies can conduct meetings here. About food and other facilities, could be arranged package. All facilities on the second floor we had rented, "Ponny again.

Fitness centers are designed to be comfortable for a sports activity for fitness and health of the body, complete equipment and experienced instructors. Not forgetting, of different foods and drinks can be ordered at a cafe or a wireless hot spot free.

For steam and sauna facilities, and will make you relax after a heavy beraktiviats throughout the day. Then the entertainment room can be used for mini-theater, watching a favorite movie. Want to become a member AM3? Please contact 0778-5156999. (DED)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Is a historical tourist area located on Galang Island, about 50 km south of Batam. Camp tours Vietnam is a place that has historic relics of the original refugees from Vietnam who were stranded in the Batam around the year 1979.
In this area can be found objects which were used Vietnamese refugees known as boat people, such as utensils, used boats across the sea from Vietnam to Batam, the refugee cemetery, and others.

Existing objects and buildings:
- Barak's residence
- Church
- Pagoda / Temple
- Hospitals
- Boat
- Youthcentre
- Building UNHCR

Gautama Buddha statue, the statue of the Virgin Mary and some god can we meet here.

Antique buildings with ornament eastern country with rich cultural and religious values that exist in the Quan Am Tu Temple with unique ornaments and thick with strong spiritual feel.

The boats are used as a means of transportation of the refugees from Vietnam, when there is conflict, and finally stranded on the island of Batam.


Batam has a number of objects found relics of the historical development of the region. Among Tumenggung Abdul Jamal's Tomb is located at latitude Pulaiu headdress, headdress District. To get there, could use a speedboat with the distance 15 minutes from Port Sagulung Batu Aji.

PRINCESS TOMB DAHLIA. Located in Subang Mas Island. Dahlia is the daughter of Princess Royal Daik Linga. Mausoleum is the emergence of a very mysterious girl. Seoarang elders on the island told Subang Mas, come to the surface of the tomb itself began in 1997 which
marked the emergence of gravestones.

Until now, one after the other tombstones are also emerging. In the complex is not only one but dozens of tombs that appear other tombs believed to be the Princess's family and his assistants. Location of the tomb can be reached by speedboat from to build such bridge using four Barelang about 30 minutes or from the port about an hour Punggur

small wells that are water sources which is believed as a place to take fresh water along with Dahlia Princess ship when stranded on the island of Mas Subang

Tanjung Bemban Beach - Batu besar

Name: Tanjung Bemban Beach - Batu besar
Distance: 12km from downtown Nagoya
Transportation: car / motorcycle personal, taxi and public transport Metro Trans (white)
Rates: Rp 8000 (Metro Trans)

This one tourist attraction is indeed a place of recreation that had just opened by the Batam city administration. Public facilities and infrastructure that exist in it still Anyar and complete. This beach is located in Kampung Batu large and adjacent to the residential population tempatan. Preoccupation while in Cape Coast Bemban is the freshness of air and created an atmosphere of peace.
While enjoying the fresh coconut water, you could look calm blue water. From a distance that is not so far away, traffic could watch ferries and ships passing tanker from the port of Batam to Johor in Malaysia.
This beach is the front line of the Indonesian border with neighbor countries, especially in the Johor Malaysia. Along the coast of Cape Bemban, during a confrontation with Malaysia was never used as a base defense off an attack Indoneisa to the neighbor country.
That is no less interesting, there are two places this tour is already famous seafood restaurant that every time you pruta hungry, can order food directly from them. Various fish, shrimp, squid, barking, crabs and other marine animals that are still fresh and alive that you can choose to be cooked according to taste.

Melayu Beach Nongsa

Name : Melayu Beach Nongsa
Distance : 15km from downtown Nagoya
Transportation : car / motorcycle personal, taxi and public transport Metro Trans (white)
Rates : Rp 8000 (Metro Trans)
The money goes: Rp 2000 per person (adult)

One of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Batam. The distance is about 15km from downtown Nagoya. Can be reached in about 15menit by using private vehicles and using public transport 30min.
In this white sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy the blue water with a sloping beach and the waves are calm, that it is safe for those who want to swim and play.
While relaxing on the sand beach surrounded by palm trees, visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the ship and ferry traffic to pass. At a time can watch the border areas between Indonesia (Batam) to Singapore.
On the front stretch of beach Nongsa, there are outer islands called Pulau Putri Batam. Visitors can freely cross over to the Island Princess by using wooden canoes beheaded or outboard engine. The journey took about 10menit a rate of about Rp 20,000 for the home and away. This beach is also surrounded by resorts, hotels and golf courses.


Name : Waterfront City Marina Beach
Distance : 15km from downtown Nagoya
Transportation : Car / motorcycle taxi and private
The money goes : Rp 4000 per person (adult)

As a city which has 345 islands - small islands, the coast is a major tourist attraction on offer. Marina Beach, you will not only be mendapatakan panoramic view, but also a calm sea waves will cause the atmosphere to relax while swimming, sand play, and perform a variety of water activities. Marina Beach is located in the integrated resort Marina Water Front City. In this area there are famous and luxurious resort in which there are sports games. For those of you who hobbyist bowling, gocart, and aeromodeling can also practice on the track that has been provided.

That is no less exciting, you can sample a variety of fresh seafood dishes cooked with seasoned chef recipes. Some seafood to the menu cuisine Batam. Fish, shrimp, crab, squid and other marine hewat obtained from the fishermen in the vicinity of this tour.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Name : Melur Beach Galang
Distance : 30 km from downtown Nagoya
Transportation : Car / motorcycle taxi and private
The money goes : Rp 2000 per person (adult)

Located on Galang Island. This beach is not just a tourist attraction that you can enjoy nautical beauty. But this beach has plenty of historical stories of the famous Vietnamese refugees with a greeting Boat Man, when stranded on the island of Batam. Location iini beach is only one Kilometer from the former colony of Vietnam tourism area which is also located on Galang Island.

Visiting the beach is, not only the beauty and history stories to get, but during the trip from downtown Nagoya to it, you'll pass through five bridges the pride of Batam named Barelang 1, 2,3,4 and 5. Of course, the bridge around the island - the island's main town of Batam providing stunning views. You do not change that saw the blue sea in sebuath garnished islands - small islands.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prepare a series of Pemko Batam HUT RI 65

Anniversary of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence (HUT RI) of the 65 times this month to coincide with Ramadan. However, the Government of the City (pemko) Batam still intend menyemarakannya.

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan has also formed committees. All personnel listed in the assessment committee SK Mayor Batam Number: KPTS.255/HK/VII/2010.

Sea Base (Lanal) Batam, which was arranged by Col. Sea (P) Teddy Bernard, appointed as the coordinator of field-minute ceremony on the proclamation and a decrease in RI flag on the 65th anniversary this year. 0316 District Military Command oversees the coordination of Batam apacara reflections on the sacred. Meanwhile, the ranks Poltabes Barelang Taptu appointed as coordinator of the ceremony which will operate the atmosphere adjusts the Holy Month of Ramadan.

"Preparation August 17 it was already an agenda Pemko. Technical HUT RI to 65 that coincides with Ramadan, we have seen and we are brown," said Hendri Yusfa, Saturday (24/07/2010).

Yusfa said, the series of events upcoming 65th Anniversary of RI to include, the seconds of the proclamation, parades Taptu, holy meditation, Scout Day ceremonies, the granting of remission as well as various activity agenda dimasing respective districts. "Because of Ramadan, which coincides expected to fall on August 10, 2010, then various activities have been prepared for advanced practice," explained Yusfa.

Inaugural activities will begin with warm-hearted night with the veterans and warakauri dated August 13, 2010 inauguration Paskibraka followed a day later. Next followed, namely the reading of sacred silence speech on August 16 at 24.00 midnight. Continuing then, the implementation of the seconds proclamation on August 17 and ending at a state reception at 20:30 pm.

Moreover, continued Yusfa, for this year omitted the implementation of the proclamation ceremony seconds in each district. It was meant to be more focused events at the level of Batam. Yet that is the exception to Rear Padang District, Galang and headdress.

Pemko Batam, Batam added Yusfa invites citizens to participate actively welcomed Indonesia's independence anniversary. Can the way through the installation of banners, banners and the establishment of the gate as well as painting buildings or shop the existing store. Hopefully, the public interest to continue to show nationalism in the 65th Anniversary of RI has not subsided despite his own 65th Anniversary of RI to coincide with the holy month of ramadan.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dates Frappio , Blended Kurma and Cream in Excelso, Fresh To break their fast

Excelso Café located in Mega Mall Batam Centre, presents the return of a beverage blending palm fruit, milk, cream and syrup during the month of fasting. According Aal, Operational Manager Excelso Café, the drink was held back because of many requests from customers Excelso Café.

"Dates frappio is a beverage menu that is presented by Café Excelso with composition, dates, cream, milk and syrup, which diblended with ice cube and served cold, very fit at all for breaking the fast, the menu is actually the old menu that was held back due to numerous requests of the customer excels.

Dates Frappio itself is a favorite beverage during this ramadhan, request or order from this drink in a day on average 80-90 mencapa cup. "In one day we can make 80 to 90 cups, besides delicious as friends broke their fast. These drinks are also many advantages, among others, is low in cholesterol and high antioxidants, "said Aal.

Also added a menu that is also a lot of Aal booked during this ramadan is a club sandwich and snacks containing chicken. Excelso café was never present iftar packets, because the concept is deemed not quite fit excelso market segment, the reason is the location that is occupied in the mall, do not allow excelso to present such prasman café menu in general. "Not want to, but our biggest obstacle in presenting prasman is the location that is less possible, in addition excelso concept also has been designated as a café is the core business is to sell coffee.

Not only snack menu is augmented by excelso, this café is also the only café serving coffee mongoose, which is the most expensive coffee in the world that only exists in Indonesia. "And in Batam, which presents itself only excelso mongoose coffee, good place for a drink or taken as souvenirs for relatives and relations, especially when he declared Halal by MUI mongoose became famous coffee. And sales for this kind of coffee each day is always increasing.

In addition to offering its customers coffee mongoose, excelso café also has been working with several banks to provide discounts to customers who have a credit card bank. For visitors who have a credit card Standard Charterred, Bank BII and Bank Mandiri, Excelso Café provides discounts of 30 to 50 percent.

Friday, August 13, 2010

In Zeke Continental Restaurant, Fast Package Could Open Under Budget

Continental Restaurant, which brought the concept of 'Guess Is the owner', which is located in Tanjung knapsack, again offering a special promo. According to Rita Luxiana as Director of Continental Restaurant tells Zeke Zeke always give what is desired by the customer.

In our principled Zeke Guess Is the owner, so whatever the customer wants, we must provide whatever the customer wants, especially in the lead this month of fasting, of course, there are special menus that we offer a totally different concept to other restaurants, " Rita added.

According to Rita Zeke, brought the concept is different from other restaurants, as seen from the package that can be adapted to customer needs. This means customers can do the buka puasa at Zeke with a budget that provided by the customer. "We can provide a menu package reservations though only two pax, for example, provided the customer has previously been in contact with Zeke for buka puasa menu they want. Reservations must be carried out since 10 am and 16.00 pm at the latest. "Booking our last set at 16:00 pm, it was done for the convenience of both parties, customers and Zeke. With two hours, we can prepare our best to customers in accordance with their budget, "says Rita.

Meanwhile, from the menu itself, during this fasting month, Zeke provide specialized tajil Traditionally, the traditional menu that are often consumed by people, such as porridge marrow, dinghy, setup (a kind of collective color display with white-red), and also variety of snacks or small meals a typical Zeke. "And this fasting month we also introduce a new snack menu is chicken Teba, ie fried chicken wings with a dry appearance and served with various vegetables and aroma typical of Zeke, besides there are also candied Typical Zeke served ala Pakistan and the Arabian," said Rita added .

Back to the menu that can be adapted to the fast customer desires, Zeke also advised to make reservations and plan in advance. This is so customers can enjoy a comfortable time to break the fast with Zeke. "Menu choice lots, you just name it and tell us your budget that will spend how much, for how many people, and we will do, according to what you want, up to now, the average shipping company or a shipyard that has been made open fast together at Zeke, "says Rita.

Another advantage of Zeke Continental Restaurant is the availability of Wi-Fi connections for convenient connection with the virtual world, meeting rooms that can accommodate 150 people, facilities, audio system that has a good quality and a vast parking lot. For reservations Reservation can contact at 0778 358115 and 0778 7057115.

Family Spa and Kids Salon Package Present Ngabuburit Only Rp 85.000

Enjoy a spa treatment while waiting for maghrib drum (ngabuburit-red) seemed really exciting. And this opportunity try captured by the Family and Kids Salon Spa Batam Centre for pampering guests with spa services that have been designed in such a way and the price is certainly affordable. Only Rp 85 thousand.

This package is by Nurul as Director Family and Kids Salon Spa is a special package designed by the Family and Kids Salon Spa is to provide opportunities to the community in enjoying quality spa services or treatments a la Family and Kids Salon Spa.

"The package offered is a treatment for adult customers da kids who consisted of Facial and full-blooded face for adults and kids and Milk Scrub message to the children, this package is a special package we offer to customers with a duration of two hours and This package Valid during the month of fasting from the hours 10:00 to 18:00, "said Nurul.

Also added Nurul, it also provides a free service or treatment ear candle. This treatment applies to each decision package 'Ngabuburit' in Family and Kids Salon Spa. "Free Ear Canfdle treatment we give to customers, whether they want to take it or not, because it was thought that the package or undergoing treatment ear candle during the month of fasting is Makruh law, therefore we leave it to the customer's decision to take or not from this package , "said Nurul.

Madurese origin of this beautiful woman also stated that since the first operation until now, the Family and Kids Salon Spa received an enthusiastic welcome from the community, "Until now our customers diverse, there are families, professionals and workers, now members or regulars we have reached nearly 1000's, this proves that the treatment we received and received appreciation from the community, "said Nurul.

Going forward, Nurul add, Family and Kids Salon Spa will also launch various promotions in accordance with the moment. The point is adjusted every month with events or characteristics of the prevailing culture of Indonesia. As this example after Lebaran, Family and Kids Salon Spa will present a special package for women who will be stepping into the stage of marriage. "This package was designed, because women need to be able to prepare his body for a harmonious home life," said Nurul, smiling.

BCS Mall Annual Degree Ramadhan Bazaar

Holy Month of Ramadan is always provided opportunities for the business community. Various public spot like a mall, also did not want to miss in order to facilitate business people belonging to these SMEs to reap the month of Ramadhan Rizki by selling snacks. Such as Batam City Square Mall, which as usual every holy month of Ramadan to facilitate traders to offer a variety of culinary delights such as traditional snacks and refreshments buka puasa.

"Yes, as usual, our tradition still continues, which facilitates the various business actors including SMEs to sell offers a variety of needs fasting. Starting at 15:00 until around 19:00 pm, and takes place around the fountain, "said Sarmono, S. Pd, Campaign Manager BCS Mall Batam.

He added to this year, there were about 16 booths that offer a variety of cakes da snacks at affordable prices. Various traditional cake-finance offered by the vendors in the BCS Mall fountain area. "On average, they provide a variety of comestible da iftar menu at affordable prices, ranging from Rp 1000. Here also provide various compote, which may not be available in the months other than Ramadan, "said Sarmono.

In addition BCS Mall also will hold a Bazaar Ramadhan for people who need a variety of purposes Lebaran, such as clothing, Sajadah and equipment associated with the holy month of Ramadan. "If Ramadan Bazaar will be held from August 15 until September 20, 2010, here we are from a variety of small tenants to tenants multinasioanl offers a variety of special discounts for apparel, discount basically all there is, besides, we also organize various competitions to enliven the Ramadan," said Sarmono.

Competition, according Sarmono race consists of Muslims and Muslim Clothing for children, coloring contest, singing contest Islamic songs. Berbagqai competitions will be held during the month of Ramadan and the prize was also not bad for a THR. Not only that, BCS Mall also presents a series of discounts and cheap bazaar. "We have records, it turns out almost all the existing tenants in the BCS provides discounts varied, from 20 to 70 percent," Add Sarmono.

As a complementary series of events in the BCS Mall, largest mall in Baloi also will hold a charity event for orphans and the duafa. However, these events are still under discussion by management. "Anyway, we will proclaim that every Ramadan we must always make a charity event for our brothers and sisters in need so they too can feel the beauty of Ramadan," concluded Sarmono.

"Sriyono D. Siswoyo" Lead PLN Batam, Electrical Energy Reserves Safe During Ramadan.

PT National Electric Service (PT PLN) Batam, officially introduced their newest leader, Sriyono D. Siswoyo as New Director of PT PLN Batam, replacing M. Zainuddin The event itself has been done by his inauguration on July 22, 2010 PLN ago, but officially to the media introduction was made in breaking fast together local and national press personnel.

Introduction of PT PLN Batam Top management is done at the Harmonie One Hotel & Conventions Centre Batam, on Thursday (12/08/2010). Breaking fast together with the press is also to introduce several directorships that in fact replaced with new faces.

Technical director position previously held by Chairul Faith Rani, now held by Tagor Sidjabat EB. Meanwhile, Ardian Cholid appointed as finance director replacing Djoko Paryoto. And Fahmi El Amruzi appointed as Director of Planning. Meanwhile, HR Director position previously held by Sriyono D. Siswoyo now taken over by Sumarsono. "This is a decision of a board meeting of PT PLN, which was already formulated some time ago," said the New Directors of PT PLN Batam, Sriyono D. Siswoyo.

PT PLN itself claims to have prepared a backup electrical energy needed by the community during the holy month of Ramadan. "The availability of electricity supply during the month of Ramadan to Eid in Batam is safe," the affirmation of a new Board of Directors of PT PLN Batam, Sriyono D. Siswoyo, pressconference sidelines, at the Harmonie One. He stated that this readiness is a form of appreciation from PT PLN Batam in supporting the community in running fast.

"The condition of electrical system in Batam now reliable, given the supply of electric power generated from several power plants reached 294 mega watts (MW) and the average peak load of 228 MW with an estimated peak load of 249 MW, resulting in operating reserves average of 66 MW and 45 MW during peak load is reached. These conditions meet N-1 contingency criteria, which operating at peak load cadagan larger 40 MW, said Sriyono D. Siswoyo.

PT PLN Batam is also in the year 2010 it will introduce prepaid electricity billing payment system. This concept was adopted from the way or system of payments made by cellular companies. Where fore PLN customers can make payments by filling or buy a voucher for completing an electrical rekeninng deposit. "This course will facilitate the public and minimize the risk of recording tape that often occurs on the previous payment system," concluded Sriyono.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mega Mall Launch Party and Bazaar Ramadhan Discounts

Mega Mall Batam Centre retains the distinctive characteristics as a shopping destination for residents of Batam, especially those located in Batam Centre region. One typical CRI Mall that is located adjacent to the ferry port terminal is held exhibitions and ekxhibisi kerapnya in Mall inni. In August Mega Mall has been presenting a series of events including expo event or exhibition.

"At the beginning of August we've held a Tourism and Travel Mart Expo that followed nearly 40 participants from various regions in Indonesia that offers potential for tourism, this is our annual event, and not long ago on August 5 to 8 Mega Mall is also the venue for the event Indonesian Creative Expo is also an exhibition that offers a product of the creative industries in Indonesia, "said Yolanda Katrin, Promotion Mega Mall Batam Center.

Furthermore, Yolanda also said if the series in August will be decorated with various bazaars that offer Lebaran needs, in relation to this August to coincide with the celebration of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri 1431 H. "This was done throughout the month of Ramadan, we have coordinated with the needs of tenants on the implementation of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri bazaar is, of course, many of which will be offered ranging from apparel, accessories, glassware needs and so forth," said Yolanda. According to the implementation of this bazaar will be done in the atrium west and east.

Not only Bazar, several major tenants in the Mega Mall will also hold a discount like crazy before Lebaran day. Like the Matahari Department Store, for example, fasting before the Sun has announced management will hold a party that consists of discount 20 to 40 percent. "Probably close to Lebaran day Maahari will conduct large-scale sales, hear a hear a hell-up to 70 percent, surely this is saying to pass, a variety of needs such as Lebaran clothes, shoes, sandals and other accessories will be discounted gede Eid-gedean," added Yolanda.

To further pamper guests who shop at Mega Mall, management will also increase the security during the month of fasting. "Not that all this time we do not perhatiin from the security side, but we will add more security personnel for the convenience of shopping mall visitors," said Yolanda. In addition, as a form of Social Responsibilities (CSR), Mega Mall Batam Centre will hold a buka puasa with my kids home, "Open this fasting is an annual agenda since the Mega Mall stands, so we'll do dipenghujung August, on the date we have not yet determined , "concluded Yolanda.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Improving Competitiveness of Batam, Spatial Attention Must More

To create more advanced Batam again, some practitioners and the general rate, the progress of the city as a Satellite City of Batam in Indonesia, needs to be improved in terms of the arrangement or layout of the city. "Because love it if the location and topography of Batam is not utilized, and laid out well," said Ir. Faith Soedradjat, MPM, director of the National Spatial Planning, Ministry of Public Works, when explaining the raod map in the spatial structuring of the Ministry of Public Works media gathering with the theme 'Improving the Competitiveness of Batam' being held in the Swiss-Inn Hotel.

Indeed, Faith adds, a lot of interest in Batam which intersect with the spatial layout is a serious need handling by both regional and national governments. Since the era of President Suharto's leadership, the city of Batam's status has been granted privileges with the Authority, which is the construction and industrial development is fully supervised and managed by the Batam Industrial Development Authority, under former president BJ kepemimpina. habiebie. "Actually, since the authority granted in this scorpion island territory, the road map and blue print industry in Batam was already in the set, but the layout and arrangement of space utilization is still not perfect in the set, so everything related to spatial planning, government regions should coordinate central circuitry, "said Faith.

Structuring space has become very crucial in the development of industrial cities that rely on trade and movement of an advanced infrastructure and rapidly. To the Ministry of Public Works held a media gathering with the theme layout as increasing the competitiveness of the city of Batam is very marginal. In this city a lot of potential that can be utilized for economic and industrial progress and national development. Present at the Gathering is chairman of KADIN Batam, Nada Faza Soraya, and all the elements Muspida Batam. Gatherings are also diikuiti by about 33 participants consisting of government representatives, observers of the development, Public Ministry officials and media workers from various media that exist in Batam.

In the discussion session, the tone of Faza Soraya states, in truth must have a Sea province of Riau Islands and Coast guard, or control over traffic maritime. Because the topography of the money supporting owned ooleh Batam, it's time we have one agency or institution that oversees the waters, so far there are 13 agencies that oversee the waters in Indonesia, and this figure does not seem efisian. Also boxed spatial overlap various rules and regulations are not conducive, "said Nada. Batam also should have clear lines for the arrangement of space, so that did not result in spatial management problems encountered in the future. That for this to happen.

On that occasion, all participants at the gathering also propose their own views about the spatial arrangement of the city. Who pulled again, the proposal gained from this gathering will also be an advanced referral to the Ministry of Public works and will be followed-up for repair that had been lacking. "A lot of the problems faced by the government, Indonesia is a country with vast and pulaiu waters in the world, certainly not an easy matter to determine where the most appropriate policy to apply the regulations that benefit all parties," concluded Nada.

Limit eating only Rp 20 thousand in Restaurant Waroeng Tebing

Each diner or restaurant where it is, if they want to exist and continue to be visited by their customers, must display a variety of innovations, whether it is associated with the menu, service, facility or promo. One thing seems very understandable by Joni AM, operations manager Waroeng cliffs, which are located in the Bantu Ampar. Restaurant which lifted the concept of this traditional cuisine, for now presents a typical traditional cuisine or menu Sunda.

"We chose this concept because a pre-existing concepts have been many and varied. Not that we first present a typical menu of Sunda, but we want to improvise through the menu that we review every two days, so customers are guaranteed not be bored Waroeng tasting dishes in a cliff, "said Joni AM.

In a packed menu of traditional concepts bandaged, Joni with her crew have been preparing various powerful weapons untu solicit customers, ranging from a revamped menu every day, atmosphere and maximum service and satisfaction, facility complete as family restaurants and of course the promo which is expected to make customers come and come again. "Since the beginning of it we've given the freedom by the owners for creating ambience and atmosphere to create a new, and we realized that this was the culinary industry who really need a touch of innovation if it wants to compete in a healthy manner.

To win the competition and attract customers, Waroeng cliff has completed a variety of facilities that are necessary. Such as large parking area, a comfortable atmosphere, and religious facilities, karaoke, hot spots and wide screen for the benefit of meeting or corporate events. "From the side I think this facility is complete and practically equivalent to the existing café and restaurant at the hotel, is provided of course to turn Waroeng cliffs and spoil the customers and communities.

Incomplete or complete it if the facility if all facilities and services has to be maximized while the promos that no one offered by Waroeng Cliff, Joni asserted, of course there was the promo that has been prepared by management for customers and guests who enjoyed lunch or dinner at the Cliff Waroeng . For now Joni said, customers or the general public who enjoy the menu at Waroeng Cliff can take advantage of offers to eat much as you like for only Rp 20,000. "So much for price, we have prepared a variety of menus that can be enjoyed much as you like, this offer is valid until the end of September 2010," said Joni AM.

In terms of price, Waroeng Cliff seemed to understand that their target goals. For one serving Gepuk, which is a typical menu for Sunda in Rp 7500 and the stakes for the ribs soup was pegged at Rp 15,000. "Prices have been through our survey Batam culinary market, other than that there are a variety of juice drinks are relatively affordable by everyone," concluded Joni concluded.

The canoe races commemorate HUT RI

Sub headdress carrying out anniversary (HUT) to RI-65 early. Because, August 17 was signed in the month of fasting. Various races fill HUT RI in these districts, have begun July 10 and ends August 3, 2010 yesterday. Competition that was held, among others, football, boys and girls volleyball, tug of war, mounting nut, and a canoe race screen. HUT RI peak of the event was held Wednesday (08/04/2010) yesterday, marked by the opening screen boat race Mayor (Wako) Batam Ahmad Dahlan

This screen boat race divided three categories namely, three, seven, and nine people. Category three people attended the six teams, followed by seven categories of three teams, and nine categories of people followed by four teams. Waiver participants canoe race this screen are marked with a pistol shot into the air by Wako who witnessed the public and invited guests were present.

Ahmad Dahlan who attended with his wife, Mariana Dahlan, expressed his gratitude to the society headdress which has hosted the event with a gala anniversary RI. Admittedly, the location of the central district Setokok Island in Channel Islands are quite remote. Therefore, there is a discourse for sub division which is expected to be on the upcoming 2011-2012. Like the existence Setokok Island, according to Galang Island closer to the District when compared to the wrapper itself.

Nevertheless, according to District headdress has a long history. On this occasion, Wako advises parents to send their children. Wako confirmed not to have children who drop out of school. Thus, children in this island can compete in building the island of Batam.

"The island has great potential to develop the islands that exist in this city. For that let us support each other support in developing Batam. With unity, we can build in Batam, "said the mayor, Wednesday (08/04/2010) yesterday. As for the theme at the 65th Anniversary of RI was "In the spirit of the proclamation of August 17, 1945 our second wave of reform a success for the realization of national life that the more prosperous and more democratic and more equitable," he concluded.

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