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Friday, August 13, 2010

BCS Mall Annual Degree Ramadhan Bazaar

Holy Month of Ramadan is always provided opportunities for the business community. Various public spot like a mall, also did not want to miss in order to facilitate business people belonging to these SMEs to reap the month of Ramadhan Rizki by selling snacks. Such as Batam City Square Mall, which as usual every holy month of Ramadan to facilitate traders to offer a variety of culinary delights such as traditional snacks and refreshments buka puasa.

"Yes, as usual, our tradition still continues, which facilitates the various business actors including SMEs to sell offers a variety of needs fasting. Starting at 15:00 until around 19:00 pm, and takes place around the fountain, "said Sarmono, S. Pd, Campaign Manager BCS Mall Batam.

He added to this year, there were about 16 booths that offer a variety of cakes da snacks at affordable prices. Various traditional cake-finance offered by the vendors in the BCS Mall fountain area. "On average, they provide a variety of comestible da iftar menu at affordable prices, ranging from Rp 1000. Here also provide various compote, which may not be available in the months other than Ramadan, "said Sarmono.

In addition BCS Mall also will hold a Bazaar Ramadhan for people who need a variety of purposes Lebaran, such as clothing, Sajadah and equipment associated with the holy month of Ramadan. "If Ramadan Bazaar will be held from August 15 until September 20, 2010, here we are from a variety of small tenants to tenants multinasioanl offers a variety of special discounts for apparel, discount basically all there is, besides, we also organize various competitions to enliven the Ramadan," said Sarmono.

Competition, according Sarmono race consists of Muslims and Muslim Clothing for children, coloring contest, singing contest Islamic songs. Berbagqai competitions will be held during the month of Ramadan and the prize was also not bad for a THR. Not only that, BCS Mall also presents a series of discounts and cheap bazaar. "We have records, it turns out almost all the existing tenants in the BCS provides discounts varied, from 20 to 70 percent," Add Sarmono.

As a complementary series of events in the BCS Mall, largest mall in Baloi also will hold a charity event for orphans and the duafa. However, these events are still under discussion by management. "Anyway, we will proclaim that every Ramadan we must always make a charity event for our brothers and sisters in need so they too can feel the beauty of Ramadan," concluded Sarmono.

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