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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dates Frappio , Blended Kurma and Cream in Excelso, Fresh To break their fast

Excelso Café located in Mega Mall Batam Centre, presents the return of a beverage blending palm fruit, milk, cream and syrup during the month of fasting. According Aal, Operational Manager Excelso Café, the drink was held back because of many requests from customers Excelso Café.

"Dates frappio is a beverage menu that is presented by Café Excelso with composition, dates, cream, milk and syrup, which diblended with ice cube and served cold, very fit at all for breaking the fast, the menu is actually the old menu that was held back due to numerous requests of the customer excels.

Dates Frappio itself is a favorite beverage during this ramadhan, request or order from this drink in a day on average 80-90 mencapa cup. "In one day we can make 80 to 90 cups, besides delicious as friends broke their fast. These drinks are also many advantages, among others, is low in cholesterol and high antioxidants, "said Aal.

Also added a menu that is also a lot of Aal booked during this ramadan is a club sandwich and snacks containing chicken. Excelso café was never present iftar packets, because the concept is deemed not quite fit excelso market segment, the reason is the location that is occupied in the mall, do not allow excelso to present such prasman café menu in general. "Not want to, but our biggest obstacle in presenting prasman is the location that is less possible, in addition excelso concept also has been designated as a café is the core business is to sell coffee.

Not only snack menu is augmented by excelso, this café is also the only café serving coffee mongoose, which is the most expensive coffee in the world that only exists in Indonesia. "And in Batam, which presents itself only excelso mongoose coffee, good place for a drink or taken as souvenirs for relatives and relations, especially when he declared Halal by MUI mongoose became famous coffee. And sales for this kind of coffee each day is always increasing.

In addition to offering its customers coffee mongoose, excelso café also has been working with several banks to provide discounts to customers who have a credit card bank. For visitors who have a credit card Standard Charterred, Bank BII and Bank Mandiri, Excelso Café provides discounts of 30 to 50 percent.

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