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Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Spa and Kids Salon Package Present Ngabuburit Only Rp 85.000

Enjoy a spa treatment while waiting for maghrib drum (ngabuburit-red) seemed really exciting. And this opportunity try captured by the Family and Kids Salon Spa Batam Centre for pampering guests with spa services that have been designed in such a way and the price is certainly affordable. Only Rp 85 thousand.

This package is by Nurul as Director Family and Kids Salon Spa is a special package designed by the Family and Kids Salon Spa is to provide opportunities to the community in enjoying quality spa services or treatments a la Family and Kids Salon Spa.

"The package offered is a treatment for adult customers da kids who consisted of Facial and full-blooded face for adults and kids and Milk Scrub message to the children, this package is a special package we offer to customers with a duration of two hours and This package Valid during the month of fasting from the hours 10:00 to 18:00, "said Nurul.

Also added Nurul, it also provides a free service or treatment ear candle. This treatment applies to each decision package 'Ngabuburit' in Family and Kids Salon Spa. "Free Ear Canfdle treatment we give to customers, whether they want to take it or not, because it was thought that the package or undergoing treatment ear candle during the month of fasting is Makruh law, therefore we leave it to the customer's decision to take or not from this package , "said Nurul.

Madurese origin of this beautiful woman also stated that since the first operation until now, the Family and Kids Salon Spa received an enthusiastic welcome from the community, "Until now our customers diverse, there are families, professionals and workers, now members or regulars we have reached nearly 1000's, this proves that the treatment we received and received appreciation from the community, "said Nurul.

Going forward, Nurul add, Family and Kids Salon Spa will also launch various promotions in accordance with the moment. The point is adjusted every month with events or characteristics of the prevailing culture of Indonesia. As this example after Lebaran, Family and Kids Salon Spa will present a special package for women who will be stepping into the stage of marriage. "This package was designed, because women need to be able to prepare his body for a harmonious home life," said Nurul, smiling.

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