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Friday, August 13, 2010

In Zeke Continental Restaurant, Fast Package Could Open Under Budget

Continental Restaurant, which brought the concept of 'Guess Is the owner', which is located in Tanjung knapsack, again offering a special promo. According to Rita Luxiana as Director of Continental Restaurant tells Zeke Zeke always give what is desired by the customer.

In our principled Zeke Guess Is the owner, so whatever the customer wants, we must provide whatever the customer wants, especially in the lead this month of fasting, of course, there are special menus that we offer a totally different concept to other restaurants, " Rita added.

According to Rita Zeke, brought the concept is different from other restaurants, as seen from the package that can be adapted to customer needs. This means customers can do the buka puasa at Zeke with a budget that provided by the customer. "We can provide a menu package reservations though only two pax, for example, provided the customer has previously been in contact with Zeke for buka puasa menu they want. Reservations must be carried out since 10 am and 16.00 pm at the latest. "Booking our last set at 16:00 pm, it was done for the convenience of both parties, customers and Zeke. With two hours, we can prepare our best to customers in accordance with their budget, "says Rita.

Meanwhile, from the menu itself, during this fasting month, Zeke provide specialized tajil Traditionally, the traditional menu that are often consumed by people, such as porridge marrow, dinghy, setup (a kind of collective color display with white-red), and also variety of snacks or small meals a typical Zeke. "And this fasting month we also introduce a new snack menu is chicken Teba, ie fried chicken wings with a dry appearance and served with various vegetables and aroma typical of Zeke, besides there are also candied Typical Zeke served ala Pakistan and the Arabian," said Rita added .

Back to the menu that can be adapted to the fast customer desires, Zeke also advised to make reservations and plan in advance. This is so customers can enjoy a comfortable time to break the fast with Zeke. "Menu choice lots, you just name it and tell us your budget that will spend how much, for how many people, and we will do, according to what you want, up to now, the average shipping company or a shipyard that has been made open fast together at Zeke, "says Rita.

Another advantage of Zeke Continental Restaurant is the availability of Wi-Fi connections for convenient connection with the virtual world, meeting rooms that can accommodate 150 people, facilities, audio system that has a good quality and a vast parking lot. For reservations Reservation can contact at 0778 358115 and 0778 7057115.

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