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Monday, August 16, 2010

Prepare a series of Pemko Batam HUT RI 65

Anniversary of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence (HUT RI) of the 65 times this month to coincide with Ramadan. However, the Government of the City (pemko) Batam still intend menyemarakannya.

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan has also formed committees. All personnel listed in the assessment committee SK Mayor Batam Number: KPTS.255/HK/VII/2010.

Sea Base (Lanal) Batam, which was arranged by Col. Sea (P) Teddy Bernard, appointed as the coordinator of field-minute ceremony on the proclamation and a decrease in RI flag on the 65th anniversary this year. 0316 District Military Command oversees the coordination of Batam apacara reflections on the sacred. Meanwhile, the ranks Poltabes Barelang Taptu appointed as coordinator of the ceremony which will operate the atmosphere adjusts the Holy Month of Ramadan.

"Preparation August 17 it was already an agenda Pemko. Technical HUT RI to 65 that coincides with Ramadan, we have seen and we are brown," said Hendri Yusfa, Saturday (24/07/2010).

Yusfa said, the series of events upcoming 65th Anniversary of RI to include, the seconds of the proclamation, parades Taptu, holy meditation, Scout Day ceremonies, the granting of remission as well as various activity agenda dimasing respective districts. "Because of Ramadan, which coincides expected to fall on August 10, 2010, then various activities have been prepared for advanced practice," explained Yusfa.

Inaugural activities will begin with warm-hearted night with the veterans and warakauri dated August 13, 2010 inauguration Paskibraka followed a day later. Next followed, namely the reading of sacred silence speech on August 16 at 24.00 midnight. Continuing then, the implementation of the seconds proclamation on August 17 and ending at a state reception at 20:30 pm.

Moreover, continued Yusfa, for this year omitted the implementation of the proclamation ceremony seconds in each district. It was meant to be more focused events at the level of Batam. Yet that is the exception to Rear Padang District, Galang and headdress.

Pemko Batam, Batam added Yusfa invites citizens to participate actively welcomed Indonesia's independence anniversary. Can the way through the installation of banners, banners and the establishment of the gate as well as painting buildings or shop the existing store. Hopefully, the public interest to continue to show nationalism in the 65th Anniversary of RI has not subsided despite his own 65th Anniversary of RI to coincide with the holy month of ramadan.

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