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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Sriyono D. Siswoyo" Lead PLN Batam, Electrical Energy Reserves Safe During Ramadan.

PT National Electric Service (PT PLN) Batam, officially introduced their newest leader, Sriyono D. Siswoyo as New Director of PT PLN Batam, replacing M. Zainuddin The event itself has been done by his inauguration on July 22, 2010 PLN ago, but officially to the media introduction was made in breaking fast together local and national press personnel.

Introduction of PT PLN Batam Top management is done at the Harmonie One Hotel & Conventions Centre Batam, on Thursday (12/08/2010). Breaking fast together with the press is also to introduce several directorships that in fact replaced with new faces.

Technical director position previously held by Chairul Faith Rani, now held by Tagor Sidjabat EB. Meanwhile, Ardian Cholid appointed as finance director replacing Djoko Paryoto. And Fahmi El Amruzi appointed as Director of Planning. Meanwhile, HR Director position previously held by Sriyono D. Siswoyo now taken over by Sumarsono. "This is a decision of a board meeting of PT PLN, which was already formulated some time ago," said the New Directors of PT PLN Batam, Sriyono D. Siswoyo.

PT PLN itself claims to have prepared a backup electrical energy needed by the community during the holy month of Ramadan. "The availability of electricity supply during the month of Ramadan to Eid in Batam is safe," the affirmation of a new Board of Directors of PT PLN Batam, Sriyono D. Siswoyo, pressconference sidelines, at the Harmonie One. He stated that this readiness is a form of appreciation from PT PLN Batam in supporting the community in running fast.

"The condition of electrical system in Batam now reliable, given the supply of electric power generated from several power plants reached 294 mega watts (MW) and the average peak load of 228 MW with an estimated peak load of 249 MW, resulting in operating reserves average of 66 MW and 45 MW during peak load is reached. These conditions meet N-1 contingency criteria, which operating at peak load cadagan larger 40 MW, said Sriyono D. Siswoyo.

PT PLN Batam is also in the year 2010 it will introduce prepaid electricity billing payment system. This concept was adopted from the way or system of payments made by cellular companies. Where fore PLN customers can make payments by filling or buy a voucher for completing an electrical rekeninng deposit. "This course will facilitate the public and minimize the risk of recording tape that often occurs on the previous payment system," concluded Sriyono.

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