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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tanjung Bemban Beach - Batu besar

Name: Tanjung Bemban Beach - Batu besar
Distance: 12km from downtown Nagoya
Transportation: car / motorcycle personal, taxi and public transport Metro Trans (white)
Rates: Rp 8000 (Metro Trans)

This one tourist attraction is indeed a place of recreation that had just opened by the Batam city administration. Public facilities and infrastructure that exist in it still Anyar and complete. This beach is located in Kampung Batu large and adjacent to the residential population tempatan. Preoccupation while in Cape Coast Bemban is the freshness of air and created an atmosphere of peace.
While enjoying the fresh coconut water, you could look calm blue water. From a distance that is not so far away, traffic could watch ferries and ships passing tanker from the port of Batam to Johor in Malaysia.
This beach is the front line of the Indonesian border with neighbor countries, especially in the Johor Malaysia. Along the coast of Cape Bemban, during a confrontation with Malaysia was never used as a base defense off an attack Indoneisa to the neighbor country.
That is no less interesting, there are two places this tour is already famous seafood restaurant that every time you pruta hungry, can order food directly from them. Various fish, shrimp, squid, barking, crabs and other marine animals that are still fresh and alive that you can choose to be cooked according to taste.

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