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Monday, October 18, 2010

Housing Exhibition Winner Group Kepri Mall

Apartemen Nagoya Mansion

One of the largest developer in Batam namely Winner Group exhibition propertynya with studded prize. The exhibition that was held diatrium Kepri Mall Batam also offers various facilities, and gifts of furniture and other electronic products.

As for the various prizes that can be taken home by each buyer properties marketed PT Winner Group, among others, namely, various furniture and electronic products, like, Laptop, TV, DVD Player, AC, Spring bad, sofa, wardrobe, dining table.

"This promotion applies to purchases of all housing that we offer and are valid throughout this month alone. So, immediately bought a house here and select the prize," said Alex Winner Group Manager of Public Communication, Yesterday (17/10).

Alex said, besides that it also will provide for free as an extra bonus and easiness for each prospective customer, with a free certificate, BPHTB, AJB.

"This exhibition really sprinkled with lots of prizes. There are also 10 million cash back, free 3 units of air conditioning, Free Plasma TV 32 Inc. And if consumers buy cash gradually cicil can pay 24 times or for one year up to 36 times cicil without interest, "he explained.

He explained that the promo is valid for the purchase of property that is marketed Housing Modena, City Garden, Holliwood Hill, Plaza and Market Buana, Sky Garden, Nagoya Mansion, Seraya Mas, Tiban City Square.

In addition, developers also put a lease for 1 year warranty for consumers.

"And there are prizes Grand Prize of a Toyota Avanza. So for those of you who are interested in everything and for immediate details please visit our exhibition diatrium Kepri Mall," said an end.

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