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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Marine Batam Expo" So the city of Batam in Indonesia's Largest Shipyard

Marine Batam Expo (MBE) showed Batam as the city's largest shipyard capacity to defeat Surabaya. Having as many as 200 industries in these fields, Surabaya, Batam managed to shift position in terms of technology although it is still quite similar.

In his opening, the first international expo event in Batam was also attended by a number of Muspida Batam, on Tuesday (10/19/2010)

It is said by the Deputy Mayor in the opening Ria Saptarika MBE, this activity is expected to become a benchmark for other industries too similar to be able to look in the mirror, what the advantages and disadvantages that knew the business and technology competition. Later that competition could trigger a new synergy among employers, whether the future will open up cooperation to complement each other.

"Judging from the BPS data, the economy of developing Batam one contribution that is derived from the industrial world. Through these activities the public can give more attention to business," he said.

Meanwhile, on the other occasions as Kadisperindag Hijaji Ahmad who participated in the event, said the MBE is not only opened up opportunities in the corporate world, but also the world of tourism. The visits of the exhibitors who come from foreign circles was considered as one of the pullers in the world of tourism in Batam. Hijaji hope that events like this can keep going and growing every year.

Minister of Industry Mohamad Hidayat who was represented by R. Hamdani as the Secretary of Directorate General of Industry also mentioned the national shipbuilding industry has been growing and developing well. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of the domestic shipping industry still has a high dependence on imported components.

Therefore, to catch the perpetrator himself invites every industry, ranging from society, employers, and government favor and love towards the use of domestic production.

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